Name Description
U.S.S. Eagle The Saber Class starship entered service in 2358 with the purpose to replace the out-dated Oberth class science/scout ships, as well as to fill the role of an escort/police vessel for the internal security of the Federation. She was envisioned as an extension of the Steamrunner class light cruiser, so that, when working in tandem, the two classes would complement and support each other. With limited facilities, long-term missions were generally outside of its design, but for internal Federation missions, or specific deep space objectives, the Saber proved to be a very capable ship.

Small, fast, highly maneuverable, and well armed, the Saber has also proven its worth as a defensive vessel. Many ships of this class were involved in the defense of Sol during the Second Borg Incursion, as well as being involved in the conflict against the Cardassian/Dominion alliance. While not specifically a warship, the Saber held its own and showed itself to be a valuable asset for Starfleet and the Federation.
Type 9 Shuttlecraft The Class 2 shuttle, also referred to as a Type 9 shuttlecraft, was a short range auxiliary space vessel utilized by Starfleet for use as an embarked craft from starships. The Type 9 is standard issue for many ships and stations through out the Federation

The USS Eagle houses 3 of these shuttle craft in her forward shuttlebay, each is named for a species of Eagle on Earth
Harpy - 01
Golden - 02
Steller's Sea - 03
U.S.S. Devils Brew
USS Potemkin - C
Illiran Illiran is the fourth planet in a 12-planet system. It is slightly larger than Earth but around the same mass and gravity. It is a classic M-Class world but has slightly more landmass than Earth does. Illiran has four moons, the furthest is similar in size and mass to Luna but has a light atmosphere is called Iutis. The next two are little more than captured asteroids and are called, Ozuno and Xunus while the closest, Lozone is 1/3 the size of the outer moon and due to the interaction of Illiran and the outer moon has a volcanic landscape.
Illiran is home to 2.8 billion people, most of those are Human but other Federation races can be among the population. The planet and the system are not a part of the Federation but are allied. They are most famous for the advanced ship building and repair facilities. Many Starfleet ships make a stop Illiran for repairs and refits. Their defense forces turned away a Dominion strike force and made it any further assaults upon their system more trouble than it was worth.
USS Da Vinci