U.S.S. Eagle    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   The Bridge is where many of the standard operations take place. As with ships of old the Commanding Officer and many of the senior staff control the ships operations from here.
Main Engineering   Main Engineer is located near the Warp Core and is the hub of all monitoring of the ships systems happen. It is also located in a section of teh ship which has easy access to many of the psychical aspects which might need repair in a timely fashion.
Captain's Quarters   The Captain's quarters are larger than those of her senior officers. But they often serve as a reception room for official meetings as well as times when the skipper wishes to socialize.
Senior Officer Quarters   The Senior Officers quarters are located on deck 2. They are one of the few aboard that are not assigned to two officers. Meaning the senior officers get a stateroom to themselves.
Officer Quarters   Officer and junior officers quarters are both shared by two people. While they offer a shared living space there are separate bedrooms and bathroom.
Enlisted Quarters   The Enlisted crew aboard the Eagle have the smallest of quarters, they share with bunkbeds. Senior Enlisted Officer are assigned to officers quarters.

Type 9 Shuttlecraft    [ View Specifications » ]
Cockpit   The Type 9 shuttle is a small two person shuttlecraft found on many ships and stations throughout the fleet.