Last Month This Month
10 Users 8
9 Playing Characters 8
6 NPCs 15
5 Mission Posts 10
0 Personal Logs 0
5 Totals 10
0.5 Avg Mission Posts / User 1.25
0 Avg Personal Logs / User 0
0.5 Avg Entries / User 1.25
Mission Posts Pace 27.27
Personal Logs Pace 0
Totals Pace 27.27


† Averages are calculated by taking the number of posts in the month and dividing by the number of users. For the current month, the averages are calculated the same but will appear smaller until the end of the month. End of the month averages will look similar to previous month average.

‡ Pace is determined by dividing the number of posts in a month by the number of elapsed days, then multiplying by the number of days in a given month. Actual end of the month numbers may vary.

Start Date

Mon Jun 22, 2020 @ 10:13pm


All Users: 16

Active Users: 8


All Characters: 32

Active Characters: 8

All NPCs: 15


Total Posts: 59

Total Logs: 0

Total Posting Entries: 59

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