Prelude - 00

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We all have a past, a time before we arrived on the Eagle. Here is the place to put it.

Part of The Before Times

Episode 5: Escalation

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Months after the Ikoria docks the Borg Nano Virus has infected millions, and the strange disappearances are starting to add up. Strange sightings of Borg can no longer be chalked up to paranoia. The virus is isolated, but as of yet nothing has stopped it.

Part of Season 2: Collective

Episode 6: Devastation

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A cure is found, but it might be too late. Thousands wake up in pain as Borg devices erupt from their bodies and the Collective takes over their minds. While not full drones, yet, they are more than enough to start the overt assimilation of the rest of the civilian population.

Worse still, while troops are fighting the Borg on Illiran, a Tactical Sphere appears at the edge of the system and begins to move in system.

Part of Season 2: Collective

Episode 4: Infiltration

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The SS Ikoria is a normal common transport ship which operates between several other star systems and Illiran. The only thing that sets it apart is that the vessel survived an encounter with the Borg. Ten years ago, during the Borg invasion the Ikoria was struck by several Borg projectiles. While severely damaged she was rescued by a contingent of Starfleet ships and make it to a safe harbour. Unknown at the time a Borg virus was introduced to the ships minor systems, where it remained undetected until another chance encounter with a Borg probe ship on the edge of the Illiran system. Once again defying the odds the Ikoria escaped with only minor damage and put in for repairs.

Part of Season 2: Collective

Episode 1: On Stranger Tides

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Having left Esquimalt Station the Eagle makes course for a point in Cardassian space where much of the pirate activity in the last few months has taken place. Along their course there is a large cloud of dust and gasses, not a nebula as such but it did block many of the sensors the Federation sent in that direction. Passing through the cloud was no problem at all but it had been concealing a mid-sized blackhole. Only the singularity was only a few solar masses but it was displaying no signs that of a normal blackhole, no super-heated out-gassing or hawking radiation. Their overall mission profile isn't urgent and a few days could be spared to investigate the anomaly.

Part of Season 1: Strange

Episode 2: Rising Tides

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Their encounter at the Blackhole has proven one thing, the Pirates they are hunting are much better funded than they had ever considered. They might even have the backing of another sovereign state. The Eagle will now follow a trail of breadcrumbs to find their base and end the threat.

The database of the attack ship was encoded, Ops and Intelligence have to work together to get the data they need to avoid flying into a trap.

Part of Season 1: Strange

Episode 3: Dark Tides

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Their prey is near!

Part of Season 1: Strange