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Before Going Planetisde

Posted on Thu Jun 24, 2021 @ 10:19pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD & Chief Warrant Officer John Fox

Mission: Episode 4: Infiltration
Location: USS Eagle, before going to Illran
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Lise asked Hadir to meet in the Armory. She had some ideas for equipment for her team down planetside, and she was organizing it as well. Research from Captain Janeway's tactics against the Borg. She had called for Hadir and Chief Fox to join her in the Armory. There was much to prepare for.

This was not what Hadir had expected when he took the assignment to the Eagle. He foolishly thought it would be a fairly easy going assignment. And yet since he arrived he had been dealing with the Borg as well as catching up on a new department. He walked into the Armory after being summoned by Dr Granger. While he was glad to be able to see her again, he was curious to see what the Doctor had in mind.

Chief Warrant Officer John Fox was a at the meeting early. His team was an expert and covert operation, path finding and scouting. However he was also a Marine and was trained for any mission profile.

"Alright Gentlemen." Lise noted. "I've downloaded some research for the worst case scenario with the Borg. We're still in the process of understanding what we're dealing with, but for the first precaution, I have replicated a number of TR-116 Rifles." She noted. "Now these rifles would only work on a borg drone if you hit them in vital organs. The head, or the chest where the Neural Processor is located. Hitting a drone anywhere else, and the drone will simply ignore it and regenerate.

Hadir nodded in appreciation. "Good call for a weapon to start with. However, once business picks up as it were there will be a lot less time to aim. I would prefer something that can do the job on a larger area or even scale. Either way my hope with this mission is to not have to fire a shot."

Fox spoke up, "If i may" he said "The TR-116 is a fine marksman or sniper weapon. There are other weapons that are maybe better suited for short range combat." he indicated the rack of weapons on the wall. "The TR-116a and the TR-120 have also been developed to combat the Borg." He was impressed that the Chief Science Officer had even knew of the TR-116, it had been little more than a prototype for 20 years. Only issued to Marines and Security during the Invasion, and had quickly been supplemented with other weapons designed by active field officers, but those were still pretty much classified.

"That may be a good idea, Chief. But let's not reveal all of our assets to the Collective just yet. The more tricks we can keep up our sleeves, the more damage we can do. I'm counting on the Borg to initially ignore us unless we become a threat. But I do believe the Borg Queen may take an interest in us." Lise mentioned.

"If there is a queen here" he said "This is not their normal MO, we can't take anything for granted anymore." He had learnt that during the invasion, a full on invasion like that had never been seen before. Then the few encounters since has left him with the impression that the Federation had caused the Borg to adapt their tactics.

"One more thing." Lise mentioned. "If any of you get infected. I and Dr. Kelli have developed several treatments to inhibit or remove nanoprobe infections. But I warn you, They are invasive... and painful. But even pain is preferable to being Borg."

Fox raised a eyebrow, "Noted" he didn't really want to be infected at all but nice to know there was a treatment.

Hadir ran his hand over his hair. "There is something different about these Borg, something that I cannot put my finger on exactly. Until we can figure out exactly what is going on we should use the tried and true engagement protocols. However, be ready for anything. As such lets make sure that we are armed with a little of everything." He tried to indicate that both ideas had held water.

"I don't like this... I don't like this at all. This differs a lot from the Borg's MO." She looked at Hadir with a stare that said without word 'take care of yourself.'

"In the past when Starfleet has dealt with the Borg we had an edge of sorts. The Borg are predictable. As such we can devise strategies that work to overcome them. However, with these Borg they do not adhere to the same formula of the rest of the Collective. It is for this reason that recon is the most important. We need to learn all we can before we go in guns blazing." Hadir spoke emphatically as he checked some of the weapons. Cardassians prized information more than Romulans did, and right now that is what Hadir and the rest of the crew needed, more information.

Fox nodded, he was glad that the new chief of security had a good head, "I agree, there is no real way we can know how they operate, but all signs so far suggest it is a major departure from their standard MO" He looked at the map spread before them. "Where did you think we should start Doctor?" He asked Doctor Intarrah, it was her mission after all.


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