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Lieutenant Hadir Prenar

Name Hadir Prenar

Position Chief of Security

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description He is very pale, even by Cardassian standards, with the broad neck and shoulders as well as the reptilian skin of his people. He would look like any other Cardassian except for the brilliant green eyes. The doctors on Cardassia Prime called his eyes a genetic defect. But ever since he left he has rather enjoyed this one defining characteristic. Hadir also has a scar that runs along his left cheek


Spouse Single
Children None
Father Gul Typhon Prenar (estranged)
Mother Gilora Prenar
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hadir is rough around the edges and suspicious of everyone, just as everyone is suspicious of him. He is loyal to fault once someone has earned his loyalty and friendship. Thus far he is loyal to Starfleet and it's people. As no one has shown him any compassion except for Starfleet. Hadir has a photographic memory and is uniquely adept at languages which comes from not only his Mind Training but from his innate abilities as a Cardassian. Hadir wanted to become the first Cardassian in Starfleet, which he achieved. Now he wants nothing more than to prove that not all Cardassians are liars, he for one is loyal to a fault. He now wants to become the first Cardassian Captain in Starfleet. Hadir spends his time studying ancient Earth history. Particularly the periods known as the Dark Ages and the Renaissance. He is also a Jazz trained Trombonist, and he practices the loxKardasia or the Cardassian martial arts.

He has PTSD from the things that he saw being done to Bajorans. He likes to make wise cracks to lighten the mood in certain situations. He prefers the lighting to be dim and the temperature to be around 90 degrees. He also has a head full of secrets and is working through his problems with counselors.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hadir is very smart, very strong, very polite, optimistic, tactical mind for intelligence and military ops, a fierce friend once his friendship is given, loyal to nothing but Starfleet.

He is also impulsive, hard to trust (due to the flaw of all Cardassians at least that is how people view him), Bajorans instantly hate him. He doesn't seem to get along with roommates as he likes things around 90 degrees and very dim. He has learned to adapt as his years in Starfleet have progressed
Ambitions To become the first Cardassian captain in Starfleet. To reconcile somehow with his father and his people.
Hobbies & Interests Jazz trained trombonist; practices the Lox Kardassia, the Cardassian martial arts; enjoys studying Earth history, particularly the times known as the Dark Ages and the Renaissance.

Languages: Cardassian, Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Bajoran, Ferengi, Gaelic, Russian, and French

Personal History Hadir was born in May of 2353 on Cardassia Prime. He grew up on Cardassia Prime and was groomed to join the Obsidian Order. He had a typical Cardassian childhood focusing on military tactics. This upbringing included the standard mind training. In 2359 he graduated from the Primary School his Te’alakesh (teacher) identify him to be suitable for the Obsidian Order. He is entered into a Secondary School for this purpose. Hadir was an intense child as being the son of a military man will cause one to be. His mother was a farmer and a homemaker.

When he was 10 years old they came to take his molar out. The molar is to be used for identification purposes and is a standard rite of passage into adulthood for all Cardassians. However, Hadir hated it and his father had to force him to submit to it.

The rest of his adolesence was standard as Cardassian childhoods went. Hadir had little friends and fewer mates as he got older. This was due to the color of his eyes, which was believed to be a birth defect.

In 2368 when Hadir was 15 his father was promoted to Gul of the Obsidian Order, replacing Enabran Tain when Tain retired from that post. Hadir graduated from Secondary school and was assigned as Gul's Assistant, helping his father in all functions. All the while being groomed to replace his father when the time was right.

Shortly thereafter Hadir began to witness the atrocities being done to Bajorans by his people. At first he tried to tell himself that this was for the betterment of Cardassia, and that Bajorans were lesser beings. But that never took in his head and he couldn't buy that. It wasn't until he saw a Leget threatening to kill to Bajaoran children whose only crime was bumping into him that Hadir decided to get involved. He stopped the Leget and got a scar on his face for his troubles.

Hadir ran into the Bajoran underground to hide from the wrath of his father. It was here that he met some Bajorans in the Ornathis Resistance Cell. Hadir volunteered to help the cell in any way he could. In return the Bajoans will hide him from his father and the order. It is here that Hadir finished out the berth of the Dominion War.

In 2370 the Federation arrived at Deep Space Nine at the behest of the new Bajoran Provisional Government, Hadir is still in hiding on Bajor and is now viewed as a traitor to Cardassia. However, with the encouragement of the Bajorans Hadir met with some officers from Starfleet, he told the officers what was on his concience and the attrocities. The Starfleet officers agreed to put Hadir in touch with the Cardassian Liberation Front. They told Hadir that if he wanted to help Cardassia then he needed to fight with his people and free Cardassia from the Dominion.

In secret Hadir traveled to Cardassia Prime and met with some representatives of Leget Damar. He is deemed to be trustworthy and with the amount of tactical knowledge he has Hadir is given missions to strike against the Dominion. Hadir served the rebellion with distinction.

When the Dominion is forced from Cardassia Hadir decided to apply to join Starfleet. As the urge to explore the stars was moving him. When his application is recieved by Starfleet command it is deemed that allowing him enterance into the academy would be holding true to the new treaty with Cardassia and so in 2377 at the age of 24 Hadir Prenar became the first Cardassian in Starfleet.

He completed his four years in the Academy with relative ease and graduated with honors. He focused his schooling on Tactics and Intelligence gathering as that played to his stronger suits. He had few friends in the Academy most of friends that he did have were human and klingon. Hadir made an effort to steer clear of Bajorans whenever possible. He felt too guilty on behalf of his people.

Upon graduation the new Ensign Prenar is assigned to the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps to assist in the cultural differences with Cardassia. It is at this point that Hadir learned that his father survived the war and the rebellion and is in hiding somewhere.

In 2384 the stars were calling and Hadir asked for and is granted a transfer to the USS Ticonderoga to serve as the Deputy Chief of Security. On an away mission Hadir is assigned to protect the Captain. The Captain was in a negotiation with a hostile people. Captain Jenkins was attempting to negotiate passage through their space. Hadir noticed a small twitch in the alien's eye which told him that the alien was about to attack. Hadir leaped into action saving the life of his Captain and took a phaser blast to the shoulder for his trouble. While laying on the ground he smiles at the Captain and says sorry for ruining your negotiation. Hadir is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his actions.

Hadir's time on the Ticonderoga is storied as he waded through human interactions. He even had a short dalliance with a Chief Warrant Officer from the Science Department. She was the only human woman that Hadir ever met that could be a match for a Cardassian. Alas after a short interlude duty called and Hadir was transferred to the USS Tudor to be the Chief Tactical Officer of that vessel.

Hadir is known as a fierce friend and one who would continue to risk his life for those that need it. Over the next years he focused on his work and duty all the while missing the only love of his life. The promotions came as did the accolades. Prenar was proving to Starfleet that he was an incredible asset.

Then in 2394 the day finally came. Hadir was called into Captain Tompkins Ready Room aboard the USS Tudor. It was here that the Captain congratulated Hadir on his promotion to Executive Officer and handed him his new orders. Hadir Prenar was ordered to Empok Nor for service aboard the USS Fearless as Captain Vela's Executive Officer. Hadir thought while staring at the PADD this couldn't be right, but here it is signed by the Fleet Admiral.

He smiled as he walked from the Ready Room, it seemed that he would be going home again, back where it all began...

While engaged in battle with the True Way the USS Fearless was destroyed. In the aftermath of the destruction her crew was reassigned. It is decided that Hadir made a crucial poor decision that led to the destruction of the ship. He is demoted in rank to Lieutenant. The demotion came as there was no loss of life in the destruction. Those closest to Hadir know that this was not his fault and was merely the powers that be in the fleet making him a scapegoat.

Lieutenant Prenar is assigned as Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Posiedon and as an liaison to the crew of Empok Nor. The Poseidon's Captain did not like having a Cardassian serve under him and made sure Hadir was transferred as soon as possible. He only served about two years before being reassigned to the USS Eagle. It is here that Hadir hopes his life can finally begin.

Education -

Cardassian Mind Training
Cardassian Primary School
Cardassian Secondary School specialized in Intelligence and Covert Operations
Cardassian Military training
Starfleet Academy
Service Record 2377 – Completes Starfleet Academy year 1

2378 – Completes Starfleet Academy year 2

2379 – Completes Starfleet Academy year 3

2380 – Completes Starfleet Academy year 4 and graduates Starfleet Academy with honors focused on Tactical and Intelligence. He is given the rank of Ensign.

2380 - Works with Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Diplomatic Corps in their dealings with Cardassia.

2384 – Transfers to the USS Ticonderoga to serve as Deputy Chief of Security.

2385 late - Saves the life of Captain Jenkins of the Ticonderoga. Granted promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

2390 - Is promoted to Lieutenant for actions resulting in the success of a critical away mission. The exact nature of this mission is still classified by Starfleet Command.

2390 - Reassigned to the USS Tudor as the Chief Tactical Officer and the ship's Second Officer. Begins to use his intelligence background to assist in the construction of an Intelligence Base at Farius Prime.

2391 - Hadir is promoted to Lieutenant Commander for actions that resulted in the saving of his ship and crew.

2394 - He is offered a transfer to the USS Fearless to take the role of that vessels Executive Officer.

2395 - Demoted in rank to Lieutenant for poor decision making. Assigned as Chief Tactical Officer USS Poseidon

2397 - Reassigned to USS Eagle as Chief Security Officer