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Frankenstein's Monster's Monster The Borg

Posted on Thu Jun 24, 2021 @ 10:13pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD & Lieutenant JG Maximillian Schott & Chief Warrant Officer John Fox

Mission: Episode 4: Infiltration
Location: Gemini Shuttle - U.S.S. Eagle
Timeline: MD 03 - 1600 hours
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Dr. Granger stepped onto a shuttlecraft with some equipment. She was not going on this mission unprepared. It was enough equipment to supply a small outpost. But there were several crates she opened to check some rifles she requested just for this mission. Lise opened a crate to find two TR-116 Rifles. These were simple, projectile weapons, that the Borg did not consider relevant enough to have a defense against. Too primitive in the mind of the collective.

Max ducked into the shuttle carrying a book in one hand and saw a blue-shirt around his height and age overlooking a box of rifles. 'I'd remember if I'd seen her before. Unusual for a doctor to have a bunch of weapons.' "Did I walk into the right shuttle? I feel like I'm under-prepared for," he waved the book at the crates, "something."

Lise spoke. "I will not ever underestimate the Borg, Lieutenant, even if it's just rumors."

"I'm Max, by the way," He switched the book to his left hand and tentatively offered his right hand to shake, "I don't think we've met yet?"

Lise smiled. "Dr. Elisabet Granger." She gave one of the rifles to Max. "It's different from firing a phaser, and there is no stun setting with this weapon."

"Oh, I'm somewhat familiar with chemically propelled projectiles, Doctor, and I'm not just talking about starships," he paused for effect on his joke and got no response. Flustered, he spun on, "I mean machine guns. Holographic machine guns, actually. On a plane; bi-plane. Which I guess is also a chemically propelled projectile, and also a hologram. So, yeah," he awkwardly sighted the rifle out of the cockpit of the shuttle nesting the butt against his shoulder and the barrel on his book-laden hand, "good weapon..." he trailed off.

"I asked Chief Fox to replicate some marine versions of that rifle. Don't use it unless you have to. I'd rather the Borg ignore us as long as possible, as it would give me and my team time to work. I am planning on doing research to possibly deploy the same Neuralytic Pathogen that the USS Voyager deployed against the Borg, but I am skeptical." Lise noted. "The Borg may have adapted to the pathogen. This is a dangerous mission, I'll understand if you want to step out of this one. I will not think any less of you if you do. We're risking a lot here." Lise noted.

"No, no, I'm here to do my job," Max got into the pilot's chair and started his pre-flight checks.

Chief Fox shoe-horned his Security team into the back of the shuttle cabin, The Doctor and pilot being up front. They were loaded up for light duty, A TR rifle, a Phaser Pistol and taking inspiration from Alpha Team they each had a gunpowder weapon from their respective homeworlds. "Ready when you are Ma'am," Fox said parking himself in one of the jumpseats.

"One more thing, Gentlemen." Lise mentioned. "Do not get infected. Do not let them get close under any circumstance. Because if you do.." Lise sighed. "The only way I can stop a nanoprobe infection is with Omicron Particles, and believe me; It will hurt. That's the best I can do for you. Also if you become one of them, you'll never truly be you ever again."

"Good pep talk," Max muttered to himself. 'Maybe that's why nobody made a point of introducing me to her before. She seems more than a little weird.' "Hey, you guys in gold aren't going to light me up for target practice just because I'm a red-shirt, right?"

One of the security team raised her fist at him and he flinched away. "Two for flinching," she quipped as she popped him twice in the shoulder.

"Yeah, this is going to be great," Max said to himself.

Fox just rolled his eyes at this. "Let get going shall we, otherwise we'll be here all day and I wont get to shoot anybody!" he raised his eye brows.

Max rubbed his arm and finished his checks, "Okay, everybody grab onto something. Flight control here is pretty quirky on their lanes, and there are going to be some tight turns. I'll avoid barrel rolls," he made eye contact with the woman who'd hit his arm, "because one of my shoulders is going numb and I wouldn't want you all falling over if I'm flying upside down for a while." He hit a button and the shuttle jumped off of the deck, literally making sure to put them all in their places or risk falling down in front of their teammates.

"Wonderful" Fox muttered a little and strapped in. It was not often that his team used a shuttle, it was normally a direct transport or a space walk. He was glad that his expression was hidden behind the mirrored ace plate of his helmet. The Chief Warrant officer took his seat only once his team had strapped in. Their armour was under assuming, just tones of black and grays. Their commbadges were a uniform matt black, they had no rank listed nor a department colour band. Their chest, torso and back plates were hardshell with a lobster like design. Allowing them to twist, bend and generally move pretty well, the design offered some protection from lower energy settings, but it was more to protect from melee and shrapnel. It also gave them protection in several types of hostile environments.

"Remember" he said over their squad network to his team "Leutenant Intarrah has command, it is our job to protect her and the other officers, while you keep an eye out report anything out the normal, this is a sensitive mission We are operating in friendly territory, but with the Way the MO of these Borg we could be set upon in an instance from anywhere by anyone. This said, the vast majority of the people we will encounter are friendly and should be treated as such" It was maybe the strangest mission profile they had ever been given.


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