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Commander Ajani Carter

Name Ajani Jane Carter

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Fiery Orange
Eye Color vivid Red/Orange eyes
Physical Description Ajani is a pretty women who has fought her looks all her life. She see's her looks and appearance as a hindrance and rather than use them to her advantage she hid herself away. Maybe even going as far as to pick unflattering hair cuts and baggy clothing when off duty. This being said she is of average height with vibrant red hair which she keep just below her shoulder, while on duty she keeps it in a braided pony tail, and down while off duty.

Her most noticeable feature are her eyes, due to an interaction of a stray Ion while in the womb and a crossed DNA strand she has vivid Red/Orange eyes. The colour has brought her more attention that she would like but she does admit that she does like her eyes.


Father James Carter, Former Starfleet Admiral
Mother Kelly Carter (Harris), Teacher
Brother(s) Luke Carter, Starfleet Science officer (44)
Jack Jones, Deceased
Sister(s) Susan Jones (carter), Starfleet Engineer
Other Family Niece: Molly Jones, Secondary School (14)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ajani has been through her fair share over her life time. She has seen true war in the form of the Dominion conflict, and later the destruction of the Romulus system. She has buried friends and family, more than she should have and it has hurt her. Maybe she should have been discharged from the fleet on medical grounds but Ajani has spent many hours with one Councillor or another through her postings and this has helped her to cope with her past.

Even with all the damage she has taken Ajani is still i the world, she enjoys her life and socializes whenever she can with fellow officers. She is a level headed, for the most part, women who enjoys the challenge of her work. At times she can become lost in the lab or in the sensor rooms and often has to set alarms to keep her from drifting too deeply.

Her personality is that of a calm, level headed young women who enjoys being challenged and tested not only in her work but in life. She goes out of her way to experience new things from new social situations to new skills. It isn't often that she feels uncomfortable, but she doesn't like being taken for a fool and won't suffer fools lightly. Only the best are allowed within her department.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ajani is an outgoing person who enjoys social gatherings, she will go out of her way to try new things. She tries to keep an open mind in her every day life, of course she slips now and then but in general she does her best.
Carter works very hard in everything she does, she is the first to arrive and the last to leave. She throws herself into her work so much so that she often loses herself and loses track of time. This can be a disadvantage at times.
Maybe he best feature is that she is level headed, she approaches problems with a level mindset which helps to diffuse almost any situation.


Hobbies & Interests

Personal History BORN - 2354
On a typical English winters night in 2354 Ajani was born. It was cold and raining outside her mother gave birth to her second child in a warm hospital room surrounded by family.

First Day of School - 2359
Her first day of school was more traumatic for her mother than it was for Ajani, in fact Ajani was through the door and playing with the other children before her mother had a chance to say good bye.

The Moon - 2364
The first time to the moon was also the first time off the planet. She saw her home world from orbit at ten years old. She knew she wanted to to be in star fleet then. Her father managed to get them permission to walk on the unaltered surface of the moon. at ten years old she was so excited to be walking in low gravity that she spent more time on the ground than she did upright.

Secondary School - 2368
In the 3rd year of her secondary education Ajani suffered through her first heartache. She had been dating Johnny Honsue for over a year. Turned out he only wanted one thing and when he got it he dumped her.

That time on Mars - 2368
Partly as a way of cheering his daughter up James took Ajani to Mars. They stopped at one of the moons of Mars and walked upon the unaltered surface watching Mars come over the horizon. The visit did raise her spirits and gave her drive to move forward. She reapplied herself to her studies.

College - 2370
The college she attended was geared towards pre-academy studies in the sciences. This two year course would give her head start once she joined Starfleet Academy. It was her first taste of higher education, it was harder than she had expected but this only hardened her resolve. She would finish the college near the top of her class.

Starfleet Academy - 2372
Entering the Academy just as relations with the Dominion were starting to heat up she was offered the advance track, meaning she would finish her studies in just two years rather than the standard four. This meant she would be doing the 4 years of work in 2, a much harder task then she had every expected but she knew it would be worth it.
Service Record 2372-74: Starfleet Academy
Command/Piloting, Cadet
2374-75: U.S.S. Indomitus (Akira Class)
Beta Shift Helms Officer, Ensign
Chief Gamma Shift Helms Officer, Ensign/Lieutenant junior grade
2375-80: Earth Space Dock
Squadron Leader - 155 transport squadron, Lieutenant junior grade
3rd Shift Commander, Lieutenant
2380-2384: U.S.S. Hood (Excelsior Class)
Second Officer, Lieutenant
First Officer, Lieutenant Commander
2384-2385: U.S.S. Venture (Galaxy Class)
First Officer, Commander
2385-2394: U.S.S. Potemkin (Excelsior Class)
First Officer, Lieutenant Commander
2394-Present: U.S.S Eagle (Sabre Class)
Commanding Officer, Commander