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The Antares problem

Posted on Thu May 27, 2021 @ 9:55pm by Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant JG Sibyl Danzer & Gunnery Sergeant Samantha Lowset
Edited on on Fri May 28, 2021 @ 2:20pm

Mission: Episode 4: Infiltration
Location: Tactical Armory/Antares
Timeline: MD003
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Carter was gathered in the armory with Prenar and Danzer along with Beta Team. The Marines were boarding experts, trained to fight in close quarters, they were also the ships anti-Borg unit. They had trained to fight the Borg since they forced some years ago. They were preparing their gear, weapons and the equipment that they would take into combat.

"With the evidence that has been recovered we now know that the Antares has become a local hive. From the intelligence we have gathered we know that a dozen of the ships forward cargo holds have been assimilated but those areas are generally taken offline and locked down while the ship in in dock. Just a way of cutting down the amount of space that is needed to be patrolled."

"Meaning we have both the advantage of the enemy being contained, and that they have enjoyed the advantage of undisturbed time in which to secure themselves." Sibyl surmised.

"Yes, except we know they have been getting out somewhere as they have been kidnapping Illirans for the last 3 weeks."

Sibyl looked disconcerted at that. All of the ingress and egress being secured, that meant they had to be using something fairly tricky for their latest round of abductions. "Could be a masked transporter signal. Or a more dangerous phase misalignment. That would get a person to ghost through a bulkhead. Not that it always has great results."

Hadir was none too happy about the prospect of taking on the Borg. However, he was glad that the Borg intensives he took at the Academy would be put to use. "It is the general belief that the Borg will not do anything aboard their vessels without provocation. They only attack if you threaten their mission. That said I recommend this mission be one of reconnaissance. We beam over armed but weapons lowered, move about the ship and see what we can learn. The objective should be any knowledge of why they are capturing Illiarians and how they are doing this undetected. Once we obtain our goal we leave hopefully without incident. If we are attacked we defend ourselves and leave. We cannot put a stop to this without learning all we can first." In true Cardassian fashion Hadir wanted information before true action. He addressed his comments to the Captain and the Tactical Chief.

Carter nodded, "That has been my experience as well. That said the Borg have never operated like this. It is possible that they will take our prescience as a threat." during the invasion she had seen her fair share of combat with the Borg. "I will be going with you" she said aloud after a moment.

"Captain, that's not necessary." Sibyl interjected. "It's admirable, but ill advised. Your leadership is needed on the Eagle, and your safety is priority, wherever possible."

"I am going to have to concur. I am sure that I do not have to cite Starfleet Code Section 12, paragraph 4 stating that a Captain cannot command an Away Team. Respectfully ma'am your place is with the ship." Hadir's Cardassian efficiency had him memorize all the regulations and general orders. "If this mission is going to be strictly recon there is no reason for you to risk yourself."

Carter had expected no less from these two. She did consider arguing with them but from their stances it was clear that they we go to drastic measures to keep her on the ship. "Very well, Take Beta team, Gunnery Sergeant Samantha Lowset and her team will serve you well. Get over there and recon the area, but i want to stress that these are not 'normal' Borg you may find yourselves in a fight the moment you arrive. The Illirans have a a habit of carrying projectile weapons designed to counter Borg defenses.

"Perhaps all Away Team members should be armed with two weapons. A phaser set with a rotating frequency and a projectile weapon of sorts. As you say Captain we may be in for a fight as soon as we arrive. I would prefer not to have to fight. However, I would also prefer to be ready should a fight be warranted." Hadir spoke with little to no emotion. However, he was elated that the Captain did not push the issue of staying on the Away Team.

"Just two?" Besides the standard type 2 hand phaser on the hip holster, Sibyl had a personal disruptor strapped to her thigh already. She reached for a magnetized chest plate that doubled as armor and rifle carry and velcroed it around her chest. "Marines always bring the best toys," she said. "Speaking of which, everyone pick up a transporter signal booster." As she resettled a sheath for a long tactical knife on her opposite leg, Sibyl looked at a Marine on her right. He had a string of six pressure grenades worn on a bandolier and she felt some jealousy. "Where are mine?"

Sam grinned "When i clear you to carry them you get to play with them" the Gunny winked. Her four person fire team, in her opinion were the best in the Core. They were armed with a mix of Energy and projectile weapons. She carried a standard phaser carbine, combat knife, grenades and a early 21st century assault rifle. Those Illiran people were not the only ones who had thought of projectile weapons. What she also had, which was not fleet standard was a world war 3 weapon that fired a powerful electrical blot of energy. It was banned technology as it fried the central nervous system of its target. It was deemed inhuman, however it worked damn good when fired at a drone.

"Lets get moving then" she said to her marines, and the two fleet officers.

Hadir nodded at the Captain in acknowledgement as he made his way to prepare for the mission. His thoughts dwelt on the idea of Marines and their toys and all possible meanings of silent as the grave.


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