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Symbiosis Lost.

Posted on Fri Jun 4, 2021 @ 12:31am by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant JG Jessica Kelli MD & Lieutenant Commander Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD

Mission: Prelude - 00
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 01
1099 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Dr. Granger was assisting Dr. Kelli with a very critical procedure.. The care of a Trill Symbiont that had recently lost it's host. "Nurse. The pH on the protein bath is rising. Compensate." Lise mentioned as she scanned the tank the Symbiont was inside.

When Carter had heard that they would be transporting a symbiont she headed sickbay, they had the better sickbay and the more experienced staff. Which was saying something given they were a small ship.

"Report" Ajani asked coming alongside the tank.

Lise spoke. "Trill already sending a ship. May take them a week to get here. interhost transitions are traumatic to a Trill Symbiont. Likely will not respond, even to a telepath, for a standard week. Shocking; feeling a part of yourself die. With every host, even. Normal people would go mad with that."

"Right now the death of a host is the most dangerous time for a Trill Symbiont. Always a chance a Symbiont would die with its host. The situation is aggravated by the Symbiosis Commission's secrecy involving symbionts and hosts, and they don't always tell us what we need to know about them. Just a protein bath at twenty-seven degrees celsius and a precise pH. the temperature of most humanoids." Lise mentioned. "And it takes them a week to drop whatever they're doing and send a ship to collect their symbiont. One would think the Trill would have ships that could make at least Warp Seven. But this Symbiont... It is the Intarra Symbiont."

Carter nodded "Who was the host?" she asked, "And how did they die?"

"Jasc Intarra. was a unbound soul, Commander. Vocal critic of the Federation. And the Federation at times needs its critics. He earned the ire of the Federation Diplomatic Corps during the DMZ Treaty negotiations by refusing to sign the treaty when he represented Trill in the Negotiations. He mentioned the treaty was... 'trying to make peace in a bag full of cats.' Both sides unwilling to truly be peaceful. I agree." Lise noted. "I'm betting he was assassinated or something. The host died quite quickly according to what I understand." Lise then spoke to the Symbiont. "Yeah you hear that? I always knew you'd die young." Lise noted. "He dated me briefly when I was suckered into going to the Daystrom Institute's annual ball. Nothing but poindexters in dresses. Take my advise Ajani if you ever go; show up, and then quickly duck out. It is dreadfully dull." Lise chuckled. "He was charming, intelligent... but not very wise."s

"Okay, is the Symbiont in any danger? Can't they remain in the tank until we are ready to leave?" They had two weeks of repairs and refits before they would be ready to leave. There were no other fleet ships that could get here before that but she was sure that the Fleet would send a slipstream ship if it was really needed. "I could make a request for a transport"

One of the console's got Lise's attention. "Dammit. I was afraid of this."

Lise did not curse, well not around Ajani anyway so it must be bad. Carter moved over to the console as well, "What's happening?" Ajani winced a little at the tone behind the question.

"The mental trauma of losing a host is sending Intarrah into a Coma." Lise mentioned. "Jasc was killed by a disruptor... It prematurely severed the neural link between host and symbiont. We need a new host."

Ajani frowned, "There is only you" Lise knew this, Illiran was a Human colony there might be other Trill in the system but Lise was the only one in starfleet with 100 light years for them. "I assume the symbiont wont survive until we can get it to the homeworld?"

Lise nodded. "I may be the only one with the type of mind that can accommodate him. Doctor Kelli. Prep for surgery."

"Oh the commission is not gonna like this" Ajani muttered to her self.

Jessica rushed to the surgical bay, it was a good job they still had a medical facility. Illiran was getting ready to replace the entire unit. She called in the other medical staff from their off duty activities, at the very least she would need people on duty to cover her for walk ins. Since it became common knowledge that the Trill were a joined species Fleet Medical had trained all their officers on how to treat them. So, armed with this knowledge Jessica prepped the surgical bay for Lise.

Lise began to feel the anesthesia and the procedure. It took about thirty minutes, but the symbiont was transferred from the protean vat. It did not take long for Lise's mind to connect with Intarra, as their thoughts began to mesh. Within a few moments. Lise looked at Ajani. "You have a very interesting Chief of Sciences. Captain. I like her. I can assure you. I am now Elisabet Intarrah." Lise noted. "Joined to a human. This is going to be very interesting indeed."

"I assume you know what happens next right?" Carter only had a basic idea but it generally involved at least an interview with the Trill Commission. It wasn't unheard of a Human taking a trill host but the commission frowned upon it.

Lise smiled. "Do we have to, Ajani. It's gonna take hours, and those musty, moldy, and stingy old killjoys will want to know every itsy-bitsy nagging little detail. Can we not and say we did? I'll give you my secret recipe for boiled hasperat." It seemed Intarrah had made Lise more mischievous.

Carter smiled "No Lise, you get to do it the same as the rest" she wasn't going to get slapped by the Admirals for this one "And you can go do it now, I'll have ops find the and connect the channel for you." Ajani hadn't know Lise that long, a few weeks in fact, but it seemed she had knew the young women much longer than that; she had proven to be an effective member of her crew and Ajani hoped that the past lives of Intarrah wouldn't influence Lise too much, Carter had only just gotten used to Lise.

Lise with Intarrah might be even more exhausting.

"Alright Commander. I'll go deal with them so you don't have to." Lise jumped off the biobed and spoke.

"Come see me when you're ready Lise. You have a lot to unpack here" with a smile and since she had already started to do... well Carter had no idea what she was doing but she was already absorbed by it.


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