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The Tower Dark

Posted on Wed Sep 29, 2021 @ 4:11pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant Commander Sunita Conlon & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Commander Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD & Lieutenant Sibyl Danzer

Mission: Episode 5: Escalation
Location: Illiran Nanite Tower
Timeline: MD 08 - 1200 HRS
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The mission briefing had taken place a few hours ago, she knew that her officers were not going to be happy about this but they had no choice but to support the Illirans. So she had made it clear that those were the orders, even so Carter wouldn't be risking her life on the planet below. Instead she would be stuck up in the Eagle which was now orbiting the planet. She watched as the teams started to deploy.

With the Eagles refits done and their encounter at the edge of the system she had decided to remain in orbit rather than restricting her ships movements by docking or landing in on the surface, but even with their status and even with half her crew below they had been forced to take up an orbit at a point almost 10'000 miles above due to all the traffic and satellites that were crammed into the lower orbits.

"Eagle to shore party" she said, her new XO was down there leading the operation, she had picked them up just a few hours before but they were already proving to be very capable at their job and was bound to be an asset and an aid to her and the Eagle as a whole. "Report please"

Sunny was trying to oversee the deployment of the crew that she didn't yet know, and was trying to avoid calling anyone 'hey, you', when the call came in from the captain.

"Conlon here, Captain. We're down and spreading out. I can see Lieutenant Dan, um... Dancer? Tactical Chief. She's getting her teams inoculated and spread out. Lieutenant... Security Chief is organizing the Illirans with the crew. Everyone looks like they're ready to fight the Dominion War again. Science and Engineering look like they're approaching the tower. No Borg contacts right now. Any specific orders?"

Amy smiled to herself "No Commander. Hold the line for as long as you can do. But remember that the transporters will be unable to reach you."

Less than pleased at the Illiran marines' gear sharing limitations in the earlier encounters, Sibyl had spent some hours ahead in the armory this time and prepared a twelve man team with proper gear for the encounter. Tactical knives aside, when she arrived on the surface she was bearing a ballistic replicating rifle, her type two with extra power packs, and a half dozen concussion grenades. A medic met her team as they began to form the planned line, and Sibyl knew when she approached that the hypospray vial would contain Illiran nanites. She wanted to scream her objections, but she also knew the risks. Her nostrils flared with distaste as she presented her neck. The little hiss of the subdermal dispersal was all that marked the transition. She felt like she was crawling with bugs all over just by the notion and she closed her eyes in place of the actual shout she wanted to give.

"Thank you, crewman," Sibyl said as the medic moved to the rest of the team.

Lieutenant JG R'Imus tr'Aimne, or R'Imus as he would rather had beamed down with the others. A full two fifths of the Eagle's crew were on the planet. The Captain had wanted to keep a as many people aboard as she could in case more Borg ships turned up. He didn't have a job on the ship during a battle so he had volunteered to join the away team. He did have experience shooting things! And his knowledge on the Borg in general might come in handy, "Chief" he said approaching Sibyl. "Reporting" he said as she turned at the sound of his voice.

Sibyl tensed at first. She hadn't had much experience with Romulans in Starfleet so she had to take a moment to move beyond her gut reaction. It wasn't terribly obvious, but her empathic sense told her the other officer had noticed and she felt disappointed at that fact. She cleared her throat. "Sorry lieutenant. I'm a little jumpy, I'm afraid. You can shore up the line to my left flank," she motioned in the direction she was heading. "As we understand it, there's a key tower the Borg are operating from, and we're going to try to close a noose in cooperation with the Illirans."

He nodded, "Of course" he said. R'imus had been the one to bring this to their attention, but while he had tried to keep up with all the data that was pouring in but there had been so much. The Data that the anti-Borg task force had dumped on him had taken up his time a little. "The Illiran Weapons should prove most effective. And if i may..." he paused "I think that we will face a more primitive drone than normal. Equipping a drone with an energy weapon is expensive and some what higher profile than they would want so i don't think they will have many with ranged weapons. I think they will try and overwhelm with numbers and reliance on their shields."

"That doesn't surprise me. They're always trying to get their infecting hands on people. And they've had limited time to construct resources, so you may be correct. But they do seem to try to advance their technology. With the Illiran tech they've likely encountered, I'm not sure I would expect *only* regressive approaches. The shields however. That part does concern me. We can get pressed back and have most of our attacks rebuffed. Are the Illirans planning any air support that you've heard of?"

He nodded "Gunships with been tasked to support the lines, they are armed with heavier weapons but I am thinking that those too will be adapted to as well." He looked out over the lines, "I think our best bet it is to hold long enough to fix the tower." The Romulan watched as Illiran sappers placed mines, traps and trip wires, he nodded in approval. "I think the Illirans are also setting up stasis mines, shield walls to slow the drones down as well." It was impressive to be sure.

Sibyl traced his eyeline. "Perfect. Get us their mine coordinates on everyone's readings. Last thing I need is to advance onto allied trap work."

"Yes ma'am" he said retreating back a little into the command post and started to work with the Illiran in charge of the Sappers to coordinate with her about the defenses. Of course they wanted to keep much of the information about the devices deployed from any computer systems so they worked out locations rather than capabilities. He could understand the need, the Borg were famous for their hacking abilities.

Also at the command station, Lieutenant Hadir, the Eagle's chief of security was working to put everyone where they were meant to be.

The orders were in and Hadir could not believe it at first. He thought the Eagle was a small ship to take on this enormous task. However, orders were orders and he would see it done. He selected a small security team to take to the planet. Two people in fact Ensigns Heathrington, and Ptak. Both experienced officers and deserving of promotions, perhaps this was the mission that earned them all extra pips. But those thoughts would have to wait. He holstered his phaser and motioned to the transporter pad. Hadir knew that there would be an Illirian team that would meet them and assist once down on the planet. It was the Borg that Hadir knew would be the wild card. Once the team was ready he gave the Transporter Chief a curt nod and the transporter effect took hold.

The team materialized in a field and a squad of Illiarian Marines were standing by already. "Sir all is well at the moment and we await your orders." The Marine in charge approached Hadir and his men. Prenar quickly split the Marines into four smaller squads. One would be led by the Illirian Officer, one by Heatherington, one by Ptak, and one by Hadir himself. The orders were simple set up a perimeter and let no one cross it. "Best of luck to all!" He said as the squads split up.

Gunnery Sergeant Samantha Lowset took her fire team towards the front lines. Well they would be the front lines. The Tower was on the outskirts of the city but there was only one way in by ground and with the transporter inhibitors having been set up there would be no beaming in. This would be a straight stand up fight!

"Lieutenant Prenar, this is Gunny Lowest, we are in place. The Illirans have set up a very fine defensive lines here. It should be a pretty good kill box right here. Oooo"

"Excellent Sergeant. Do not fire until fired upon. We are defensive only. Prenar Out!" Hadir replied. He hoped the tension didn't cause any itchy trigger fingers to go off prematurely. The only thing that they could do now was wait and hope that all went well.

The Gunny turned to her team. "Spread out, find somewhere for us to set up" they nodded and she turned back to the weapon, now set up and ready to fire. She approached and ran a hand along the sleek form of the crew served phaser cannon. The Fleet didn't have anything like this, it would of course have no recoil but it looked heavy, not something a single person could carry and fire. Even so she liked the look of it. Gunny Fox glanced around as someone called for calm and order and spotted the unmistakable force of nature who was the chief of sciences, Lieutenant Intarrah. She smiled, she did like the good doctor but she really was a force of nature!

Elisabet continued to keep her tricorder open. "Alright everyone. Listen. If we find active Borg Drones here. Do not interrupt them. I'd rather not stir up the hornet's nest just yet." she said trailing off as she spotted what can only be described as a heavy Phaser rifle being set up in an elevated position.

Chief Fox had been assigned to protect the doctor, he had his team with him but they were spread out but he was close by. "What will happen once the Borg see what we are doing?" he asked, "Will they break cover and attack or dive deeper into cover and try another method!?"

The tower loomed over the science and engineering teams as they approached. With no sign of Borg drones left to be seen. They either weren't there, or the Illirans had clear them out. It was preternaturally quiet all around them, outside of the shouts of officers rearranging fire teams on the defensive lines.


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