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Science and Cardassian

Posted on Fri Oct 15, 2021 @ 2:58am by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar

Mission: Prelude - 00
Location: Stellar Cartography
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Hadir had thought it best to brush up on his science, especially in light of the current mission. In truth a lot of what was being said was going far over his head. As such he wanted a tutor, lucky for him the only person he had gotten to know on the Eagle was a scientist. He scheduled a date of sorts with Dr Intarrah. She would tutor him on the sciences and he in turn would teach her a little of Cardassian culture.

About two hours after asking Elisabet, Hadir walked into Stellar Cartography holding an old fashioned picnic basket. In the basket was lunch, he thought that it would be nice to bring some food that he made it was the least he could do. It was not often that Hadir could enjoy some home cooked versions of his favorite dishes from home. He saw Elisabet already working the console, "Good afternoon Doctor!" Hadir smiled at her. "I am ready for my first lesson, and I have brought a few of my favorite dishes from home. Here we have Zabu Stew, a bottle of Yamok sauce, a thermos of Red Leaf Tea, and Larish Pie for dessert. I am not sure if you have ever had the chance to taste Cardassian food, but here is an assortment of what I believe is a sampling of the best."

"Nice." Lise noted. I think one of Intarrah's hosts were familiar somewhat with Cardassian food, but I'd love to get it gourmet." SHe grinned. "Sorry I didn't talk to you about joining with Intarrah. I had to act and I was the only one there who had a mind that Intarrah could mesh with. He was dying without a host. I assure you, I'm still Elisabet Granger." She kissed him suddenly. "Think of me as Elisabet with Yamock Sauce." She winked.

A small circle of pink could be seen on the cheek that she kissed. It was the residual warmth as faded into his cold blooded physiology. Hadir was not sure what to think of the kiss, the only thing he knew was that he rather enjoyed it. He began to lay out the food and found the idea that she was joined intriguing. "How did it happen? Are you ok? I was under the impression that a human could not be joined for long." There was a small amount of concern in his voice. He paused as he finished unpacking the food. "There... let us eat and work. My mind is an open book. I am looking to learn as much as I can about the tactical import of certain features in this sector." He begins to lay out the food and plates picnic style on the viewing platform. "I thought we could have a picnic under the stars as we work. So, I am all yours."

"That is an interesting story. Hadir. I was born with an exceptional mind, but a brain abnormally, I struggled with my social ability when I was a girl. It was through mind melds and telepaths that I learned how to connect with the world. Imagine living in your mind, but you have no idea what's outside.

"I would imagine that would be a very insular existence. Similar to how life was on Cardassia. Life before the Dominion War that is." The more he spoke to her the more intrigued by her Hadir became.

"I became receptive to telepaths and mind melds. Through that, I learned how to expand outwards, but I also developed staggering levels of intellect. I could even accommodate a trill symbiont. Life has been difficult for me, but when life gets difficult, you don't back down. You fight."

"I would agree with that. And all that you have said would accommodate the strain on your mind that a symbiote would cause. But I am curious how your body adapted to the physical strain. It is my understanding that humans cannot accommodate a symbiote internally. That it would cause them to perish. I am curious how that was overcome." Hadir looked at the woman both interest and awe. Then he realized that he probably overstepped his bounds. "Forgive me I am prying. Cardassians are a thirst for information. Sometimes we overstep. My apologies." He said with a soft grin.

"We didn't have much of a choice, so I had Dr. Kelli alter parts of my physiology to support a trill. What was important was the mind could do it. The Physical aspects could be overcome just with treatments or limited genetic alterations. "I had to do it, or I would have allowed nearly seven lifetimes of wisdom and knowledge to perish right then and there. As for your hunger for information. I adore that about you. I had to take Intarrah, or many irreplaceable things would have been lost to history."

"Fascinating..." Hadir said with the same inflection a Vulcan would. He smiled again, for some reason being around Elisabet just made him smile. "...But that is enough of my prying. I guess we should get down to the reason that I am here." He began as he served the food. "Unfortunately a large hole in Starfleet's Security training is the lack in stellar cartography. So I have come to learn all I can. It should help with tracking any offenders that we may encounter." He continued as he attempted to conceal the attraction that he had for the woman.

"Okay...." Lise picked up a fork and put some food into Hadir's mouth. "We'll start with the basics; Gravity."

Hadir held up his hand a chuckled. "I know about gravity. What I was curious about was how to ascertain what galactic bodies would be tactically useful." He had to keep the conversation all business as he was afraid what he would do if they strayed off topic. The more time he spent with her the more he felt hopelessly attracted to her. She was unlike any female he had ever met.

"Oh but you can Weaponize gravity, Hadir. You just have to know how heavy your opponent is... and how light you are." She winked.

Hadir swallowed a spoonful of stew and then added more yamok sauce until it was to his liking. "Indeed I am somewhat familiar with the use of gravity and other planetary effects for strategic gain. My first completed mission was to the Rolor Nebula. It was there that we were able to use the chaos that nebulas cause on ship's systems to our gain and captured a galactic felon..." He smiled as he looked at the yamok sauce bottle and passed it to Elisabet. "...That is yamok sauce, its closest Earth equivalent would be hot sauce, use it to taste. I prefer a dash in just about everything that I eat. But, I warn you we Cardassians like our food a little spicier than Humans, that being the case yamok sauce is quite spicy. I am sure there are other special phenomena that can help, not just gravity. What else do you have?"

Hadir noticed her looking at him out of the corner of his eye as he gazed up at the swirling nebula. He thought he noticed attraction in her eyes, no it can't be he told himself, she is very beautiful, and could have just about anyone. He shrugs off the thought as he takes a sip of tea.

"Oh really? You want spicy huh? You're coming with me to New Orleans the next time we're on Earth. You'll get spicy there." She winked. "And I'm getting you a bottle of Ghost Pepper sauce. I'll remember you well when you burst into flames."

He openly laughed at her joke, something that he could not remember doing for some time. "Bursting into flames seems just fine to a Cardassian..." Hadir laughed again and then looked into her eyes. "You know I have to thank you. There is really not many people who would take the time to spend with someone with my history."

"Why not. Hadir..." Lise noted. "Hadir, I know you've done horrible things, and it torments you every hour, of every day. That just proves to me you're brave enough to realize your faults... and strive to do better." Lise mentioned. "But one thing that fascinated me... You chose to put on that uniform and become something better. It awestruck me when I first saw it. A Cardassian would choose to become a Starfleet Officer." She smiled. "Now that is inspiring."

"The choice originally came as a temporary one. I intended to join the fleet until I could return to my people, and correct the wrongs that they have done. However, the more time that I spent here, the more I realized that this was the place for me. Most of the people that I have encountered in Starfleet could not look past that I served in the Occupation. It was that which sent me on this path, the path that caused my family to abandon me." Hadir's voice trailed off as he thought of his father and mother and what he left behind. What his father caused him to leave behind. A short moment later he looked up and into the eyes Elisabet and smiled in that way that only a Cardassian could. He slowly and delibrately pressed the palm of his hand onto the palm of hers. After a short moment of silence Hadir continued. "Well that is enough self pity. Come tell me about all those lifetimes. I am sure that you can share a story or two.

"Oh yes... Intarrah..." She smirked. "Almost seven hosts of the most strangest people imaginable. We get along splendidly. Now let's begin with host number one." She noted. "Nelyna Intarrah was dressmaker and tailor on trill. One of the best actually. Now there was someone who smiled too much."

Hadir smiled as he sipped his drink. The conversation had digressed from learning about the cosmos to learning about Elisabet. Something Hadir wanted to do very much.

"Let's just say, aside from producing some of the most sought after luxury clothing on Trill. She entertained herself by either selling her clients clothing that was too tight or too loose. She did this on purpose to amuse herself." Lise noted.

"And to make sure they always came back I'll wager. A plan worthy of a Cardassian and a Ferengi." Hadir said with a chuckle.

"Number Two... Now then. Kalina Intarrah.. Starfleet Security during the good ol days when Kirk and Spock went around saving the universe. They say Kalina probably slept with Kirk and had a son." Lise mentioned.

"Any truth to the rumors? There usually is some truth whenever there is a rumor." Already Hadir could see that there was quite a life and history in her head. He wondered if he could live up to any of this.

"I'm not telling... I'd rather have people speculate and argue. It's kinda fun to see them all puffed up whether or not Kalina's son was James T. Kirk's son. Every telling of the story gets more sensational." Lise mentioned. "Who am I to nay-say a good story, and even if I told the truth." Lise picked up the spoon and had some the pie. "I'd probably get some historian telling me how improbable that was. But don't worry. Intarrah's misadventures and Shenanigans do not end there. I have for more lifetimes to tell you."

"It is fascinating. But I have to say that I am more intrigued by your lifetime." Hadir looked at her with his green eyes and tried his best to convey his intentions with a look. There were many stories that he could tell her in time. At the moment Hadir was not sure if she was ready to hear completely what has happened in his past. On top of all of that if she knew that his father was hunting him she would most likely run.

"Went to some academies... universities... None of them were really exciting until I got to Starfleet Academy. Wanna know what happens to people with intellect? They get used."

"On Cardassia they get courted. Intellect and conversation, in particular heated debate is an aphrodisiac." Hadir replied a little sheepishly.

"Intelligence gets used no matter where you go." Lise noted. "There's just different ways to go about it, and sometimes people don't want intelligence around."

"hmm... It is a shame that one would treat others that way." Hadir replied. He was a little perplexed as for the first time he was unsure if a woman was interested or not.

"Oh I'd love to know that, Hadir." She gave him a light kiss. "Something tells me your life has had its ups and downs. It shows in your face."

Hadir looked into her eyes after she kissed him, he could see the interest there despite the awkwardness. He sighed heavily. "Elisabet there is something you should know before anything else happens. My father will do anything to ruin my happiness, I fear this would put any relationship that I have in danger."

"He's not any father you should be having Hadir." Lise noted. "Good fathers love their sons. They do not hurt them, and I think I understand what he may be." Lise noted. "He want's the old Cardassia back, Doesn't he?" Lise mentioned. "Well it's not coming back, and those days are done. I Remember it every time I took that pilgrimage to Lanteran City.." Lise noted. "I visit that city on the anniversary of its destruction to remind myself... War never changes."

"That he does indeed. But there is one thing that you are not aware of. Cardassians are relentless when they see something hat they want." Hadir meant his last statement to have a double meaning, and he hoped that she understood it. "You're right... War never changes. But, people can and do."

Lise nodded. "Then we will have to make a plan. In case your father's ambitions come to a head."

A litany of thoughts and emotions flooded through Hadir's mind. She could rebuke him, have him on report, heck have his commission for what he had a mind to do. For once the plotting Cardassian threw caution into the wind. He took her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Hadir told her that a Cardassian could be relentless when they saw something they wanted, and he wanted her.

She melted into his arms.. Literally. His body heat was very warm. She smiled at him and spoke. "I'm going to have to figure out ways not to dehydrate in your quarters." She grinned and kissed him more.



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