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Hot Schott

Posted on Thu Mar 11, 2021 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant JG Maximillian Schott

Mission: Prelude - 00
Location: USS Arcadia - Deck 16
Timeline: At the Rendevous with the USS Eagle
731 words - 1.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Max was making a final sweep of the room, looking for books or objects that had fallen into cracks and crevices. Bell stood looking over the pile of Max's bags, and it was a pile.

"You think you missed something?"

"I'm just making sure!" Max reached behind the bed and ran his hand blindly along the crevice of the wall.

"Were you planning on stealing a chair, too?"

Max briefly looked at the furniture in the room, before obviously realizing Bell was kidding. Max shoved his friend and roommate of six months playfully, "It's not like if I forget one of them they'll go out of their way to send it to me. I'll get the 'A padd is just as good' speech again."

Max picked up a stuffed backpack and put it on, securing the chest strap. He picked up one duffel bag by the strap and slung it over his neck. He picked up another and slung it the opposite way over his neck so the weight was balanced. He picked up a suitcase in each hand. He looked small compared to all of his luggage.

Max looked around his feet and saw one small bag leftover, "A little help?"

Bell rolled his eyes and picked up the last bag, "Are you sure you don't want to use the cargo transporters?"

"Ha. Ha. Funny. I'm the funny one, remember?" Max led the way out of their room and into the hallway.

"Not any more, you're leaving. That makes me the funny one on this ship now."

In the halls they passed through the usual off-duty cadet chaos. It was hard to think his new ship was going to have less than 1/20th the number of people on it. Probably fewer parties, as well.

He called at a group of people dressed for Parrises Squares, "Hey, Ed, don't make me regret recommending you to replace me on the team!" Ed waved dismissively as the team ragged on him.

They nearly bumped into a cadet coming out of the library, "Wendy, let me know when you finish that book, I still want to talk about it!"

"I will!" She smiled broadly at him.

Two girls ran up to him and each kissed a cheek, "You're leaving us!"

"Honestly, Amika, you almost make me regret leaving! Tomoko, you'll make sure she doesn't get in more trouble, right?"

"Absolutely, I'll make sure she learns the right way to hide in a bathroom!" The two of them ran off laughing.

"I see you, Khalil! Ruth promised she's going to kick your ass at velocity for me, so don't forget to practice!"

They finally reached the turbolift and Max rested his suitcases on the ground.

"Deck fourteen."

"Honestly, how do you remember the names?" Bell asked him, for the hundredth time.


Bell looked surprised, Max had never given an answer, he always just laughed, "Really?"


"Can I--"

"I left them in my desk for you," Max smiled goofily, and the two of them laughed.

The turbolift arrived and Max dragged himself and his luggage into the transporter room. The transporter operator raised an eyebrow at him.

"Don't act like you won't miss me, Akecheta," Max smiled, "I mean, Mr. Akecheta."

"I'm hoping it will be a bit quieter without you, hot shot" Akecheta smiled back, "I mean, Ensign Schott."

Max craned his neck to show the newly added black pip.

"Okay, Lieutenant," Akecheta corrected with emphasis.

"Bellamy," Max looked back at Bell, "It's been a pleasure."

Bell hung the last small bag around Max's neck so it hung in front of him and gave him a big hug, "See ya around, Max!"

Max stepped onto the transporter pad and rested his suitcases, "Whenever you're ready, Mr. Akecheta."

"They're ready to receive you on the Eagle. Energizing."

Max closed his eyes and felt the familiar warm buzz of the transporter. He thought how it was a shame he wouldn't be able to approach his new ship for the first time in a shuttle, as would have felt right.

He opened his eyes in a transporter room on the USS Eagle and looked to the crewman at the controls, "Greetings, your driver has arrived. Maximillian Schott reporting aboard," he picked up his suitcases, "Can someone direct me where to report in? And/or somewhere I can put my bags until I'm assigned quarters?"


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