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Arrival at the edge...

Posted on Tue Mar 30, 2021 @ 9:00pm by Commander Ajani Carter

Mission: Episode 3: Dark Tides
Timeline: MD07
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The Eagle dropped to normal space on the edge their target system, the distant super massive blue star as bright as Sol is from Mars. The O-Type star at the heart of this system throwing off so much radiation that sensors are impaired and shields are under constant assault.

The small vessel still bore the marks of her last battle, but her engines burned a bright cherry red pushing her towards a large object, a small planetoid, a few dozen miles across and mostly spheroid. Sensors showed that it was mostly water ice but it was cold enough on the dark side that it chill the Eagle hull enought o hide her from any prying sensors.

The Eagle slid into the shadow of the planetoid and powered down all but station keeping thrusters, allowing the chill of space to cool the outer hull.

Each of the Eagles torpedo launchers strobed as the 12 modified torpedoes were fired, each of them sped around the object, hugging the surface, burning at full impulse until their course pointed them sunwards. They then went dark, only
'/basic systems powered, they started their hours long journey.

A final bright, but brief flash of cold white light a small saw a stealthy probe shot away from the small starfleet vessel. Its mission was a simple one. It was to maintain contact with the torpedoes and relay passive sensor data back to the Eagle.

Rushing towards the Eagle was their back up, the Devils Brew and the Potomac were approaching the system as fast as they could, but they were hours away and their courses would bring them in from different directions.

=/\=hours later=/\=
Each of the 12 torpedoes jumped to life, impulse engine burning hard and bright giving away their location too late. From out of the hard each torpedo slammed into its target.

After receiving confirmation that the torpedoes had made impact, the Eagle quickly accelerated to full impulse speeding its way to the target. With the Devils Brew and Potomac coming in from opposite directions target was effectively surrounded, minimizing the chance for escape.


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