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Tis but a scratch!

Posted on Mon Mar 8, 2021 @ 2:30am by Lieutenant Commander Ethan Brash & Master Chief Petty Officer Etzel Hannis

Mission: Prelude - 00
Location: Deck 4, Sickbay
Timeline: MD5 - Shortly after "That makes it a whole other situation."
510 words - 1 OF Standard Post Measure

The turbolift doors opened onto deck four, revealing two yellow uniforms.

Lieutenant Ethan Brash stepped out of the lift, walking at his usual fast pace. Trailing behind him effortlessly whilst keeping her head buried in data PADDs, Master Chief Etzel Hanis, his ever-present assistant, continued to go down the list, "They want to replace some of the gym equipment."

"What?" Ethan raised his ruby red hands into the air, "Why?" Both arms dropped as he looked over at her, shaking his head, "We can think about that next time we dock. Maybe."

She filled in something on it then put the PADD away and pulled out another, "The several of the security members are asking for carabiner attachment for their phasers..."

"Possible, but not mission-critical. Next?"

Etzel turned to him, stopping. Ethan stopped with her, looking down at the latest PADD she had retrieved, "What?" The doors behind him opened up as he was standing a bit close to them. Etzel directed Ethan's attention to the screen on the PADD, leaning forward as if to show him something. He was caught off guard as her free arm lurched forward, landing a shoving palm straight into his sternum.

The Eagle's Second Officer came stumbling back through the open doors, his arms flailing as he planted a heel down to stop himself. "H-hey!" He managed to say as he came to a halt... inside sickbay. Etzel's innocent smile was all he could see as the sickbay doors began to close, "Frelling Shiva!" He cursed at her just before they did.

Etzel had swindled him, he knew, into a doctor's visit he hadn't planned on. He'd already decided that the emergency field-dressing he'd been given was fine. The wound would heal on it's own soon enough and he had work to do! "Well... drat." He mumbled.

"Ah Lieutenant. Thank you Master Chief for seeing him here promptly." The CMO said briskly. "Bio bed Lieutenant"

"Heheh," Ethan resigned himself to the fact he wasn't getting out of it, the nervous chuckle bringing a sardonic smile to his lips. "Of course, Doctor." Ethan sat down on the bed as instructed. The act of pushing himself up, however, caused a slight twitch in his left arm. "Keh!" He sucked a pained breath through his teeth, reflexively reaching for the plasma burn on his left shoulder.

"Yeah and you were not going to come here right?" The Orion asked cooly as she stepped up with a tray of tools. "really Lieutenant, I thought you would have better sense."

A conciliatory nod was accented by a nervous smile, "Yeah, that sounds like... me, alright." Instinctually, he swallowed at the sight of her instruments. "I know you probably hear this all the time, but I'm not entirely fond of doctor's visits. As the," He made a show of starting a mock count on his fingers, "one and only of my kind in the entire Federation, I was subjected to a lot of exams growing up. I felt more like a petri dish than a patient."


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