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Harvesting the Harvesters

Posted on Mon Feb 8, 2021 @ 2:35am by Lieutenant Narisa & Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant Dr. Elisabet Granger Ph.D MD

Mission: Episode 2: Rising Tides
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After Away Mission
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Lise entered sickbay and brought up the scans on the planetside laboratory they found. "According to Doctor Bashir's log, he used a specific Muon Influx and a Genetic Bath to destroy the harvesters. We could use something similar. Though, there would be two things to treat; The Harvesters, and then the Muon Radiation within our away team. What do you think?"

"Doable" Came the CMO's reply as she worked. "It should not be too hard to set up. I can set it up in Iso Room 2."

Carter stepped into medical and made a beeline towards the two doctors. "We have anything yet" she asked, the Eagle was big enough to have an isolation ward, well a smallish room where her Strike team were being cared for. The Eagle also had more than one doctor and nurse... unlike older ships.

Narisa glanced at the Captain. "Yes. Cure for our away team will be ready in a couple of hours or so."

Carter smiled and let out a breath, "Thats good news Doctor. Do you have any more information on who created this strain. Are there any signs of that it was designed to be a bio weapon? Or was it just an let over relic of the Orders work down there?"

Lise turned to the large screen and studied the protein signatures. "Tzenkethi...."

"The Tzenkethi working with the Order before the Dominion war?" Carter guessed it wasn't out of the realms of possibility but at the time they were hardly allies, barely not at war frankly.

"Look. Engineered mRNA, Tsenkethi configurations. Tzenkethi buy their biotechnology from the Lissepians, who trade that from the Ferengi, who trade with the Breen. Common patter, but very distinctive protein signatures." Lise explained. "And the Order would sell itself to anyone."

She nodded "Okay" she considered it "What kind of age we talking about?" she knew that over time technologies changed and improved and this could date the biotechnology used.

"It has to be around the time Dr. Bashir found the Harvesters. Unlikely as it seems, The Obsidian Order was working with the Tzenkethi. They've sold their souls to other people before."

"Well, that is good news. It means that we don't have to worry about a resurgence of this threat. I'd shudder to think of the damage that could be done if it was employed as a weapon." She glanced around at her CMO.

"Once you have developed a cure and treated the strike team please classify your records and transmit it to fleet medical and SFI."

The CMO rolled her eyes at the mention of Starfleet Intelligence. But she gave a noncommittal nod and turned back to her work.

"I am considering a rather drastic measure to deal with anything left on the planet" She really didn't want have to deploy General Order 24, but it is possible that this world holds the keys for the deadliest virus known to the Federation "If someone gets their hands on this virus then they could kill billions."

"Commander." Lise noted. "When were planetside, we placed a monitoring device in a hidden laboratory on the planet's surface. It would be valuable to know the players here. However. I also agree. While the harvesters are not airborne. It spreads by contact with absolute impunity. I'm not even sure even gamma rays can destroy this virus. Orbital Bombardment may be futile. If it was that easy, its creators wouldn't have needed Federation assistance in order to destroy their Harvester stockpiles." Lise mentioned. "Fortunately we have the means of destruction Dr. Bashir devised. Our chief engineer might be able to devise something that can flood the entire planet with a Muon Influx. This is why even the Klingons banned bio-weapons. No honor in using a weapon that kills everyone." Lise mentioned.

"Recommend we do this carefully. Mistakes will result in another ship finding these weapons in another ten or so years." Lise concluded.

Ajani didn't know what she would do. Heading to her quarters to drown her sorrows sounded like a good idea. "If you need anything else Doctor please let me know"

Narisa concentrated on the last of her tests. "Should be good" she said softly.

She looked off into the middle distance for a moment and then turned to towards the door. "Please let me know when the team has been given their treatment." She wanted to say more, but she was unsure of what to say. She left for her quarters to try and decide what to do.

Narisa heard the CO leave. But she did not turn to say anything. She was still miffed that the woman had neglected proper procedure and it had resulted in this. The tests concluded and she picked up empty hyposprays and began filling them with the cure. "Ok.. lets get inoculating." she said to Lise.


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