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Lieutenant Narisa

Name Narisa

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5f7
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Narisa has the green pigment skin tone and brown hair and brown eyes. She is slender and often wears her hair so it covers the inhibitor at the back of her neck.


Father Roger Bannon
Mother Louise Bannon
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Narisa or Nari as she is known to the crew of the Hirotoha is a quiet person who tries to keep out of the spotlight as much as possible. She has no boyfriend and has no desire to date. She has a lot of fear of being taken back to Orion Prime and being made to resume her former life. She still has nightmares about it. She sleeps either in a hammock or on the floor, barely using the bed in her cabin. Nari is extremely quiet around men and even those in her department often think she is part mouse as she speaks very softly and rarely yells. She works hard and focuses on her job. She also wears an inhibitor behind her right ear to inhibit her pheromones.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Her willingness to learn
- fear of the Slavers
+ she is good with young children
- Avoids situations where she is alone with people
Ambitions To grow as an officer in her chosen line of work
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, Ancient Cultures,

Speaks: Orion, Betazoid, Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan,

Personal History On the planet of T’kia, poverty was, a common thing after the loss of the trade. There were families who sought to expand their wealth. The Harianli clan, was one such family. Not totally wealthy yet greedy enough. Narisa was the only daughter and youngest of 7. She and her 5 older brothers, with the exception to the heir of the fortune were sold when weaned to slavers. Narisa was sold to Orions. From the earliest age Narisa was taught to be a slave. As a young slave she washed dishes and cleaned, until she reached the age of 9 when she was give instruction in the arts of pleasure. But Narisa knew there was more to life. She kept her own counsel and showed no outward signs of anger when at 11 she was sold to an old Orion male who used and abused her horribly.

After nearly 3 years of sexual, mental, physical and emotional abuse, and having her nose ridge removed Narisa ran away. She stowed away on a federation vessel. The vessel a patrol ship called the USS Hirotoha. The captain of the ship was quite surprised at finding a young half starved Orion teenager in his ship’s Jefferies tubes. Bruised and battered, afraid of anyone’s touch, Narisa was stunned by the Xo. Taken to sickbay she was scanned and healed. The CMO, one Louisa Hamilton-Bannon, made her recommendation to the captain that Narisa receive counselling due to the extent of injuries on the young girl’s body.

Having realized that Narisa had suffered greatly, the Xo, commander Roger Bannon adopted Narisa after discussing it with his wife. Together they took the young girl under their wing and helped her through the adaptation process. Narisa was also to attend counseling until she adapted. At first the Bannons' found that Narisa had a certain way of thinking that was rather alien. She refused at first to sleep on a bed, she refused to sit at the table and eat and sat on the floor in the kitchen. She worked very hard and their quarters were always neat and tidy. They could do nothing to break her of the habits.
For 6 months they persevered until Louisa took Narisa onto a starbase to do shopping. Showing the young girl a different view of life by not allowing her to do anything but relax and be pampered. That began the acceptance of her new life for Narisa. She was still always doing things though she began sleeping in a bed, though some nights Roger would find his daughter asleep on the floor. When she turned 17 Narisa who had been learning to read, being taught by her adoptive mother, applied to starfleet. Her father and mother both backed her and she found herself being allowed to under take her academy courses by correspondence. With her new family’s help and the help of the crew of the Hirotoha she made her way through her academy classes, focusing on Medicine.

She passed her courses and by that time her father was promoted to captain and he asked for her to be assigned to the Hirotoha. She worked hard. Now Narisa’s past was well known on the Hirotoha and it was always avoided by the senior members of the crew.

But in 2394, Narisa was noticed by a crewmember. He was Orion and he recognized the young medical officer as the escaped slave from his uncle’s property. The Orion was undercover on the Hirotoha as a spy for his people against the Federation ships in the area. His mission parameters changed when he reported the fact to his uncle. He was charged to apprehend the slave and bring her back to Orion Prime.

He had a hard time trying to get Narisa alone. For off duty she spent a lot of time with her mother in medical. Narisa wanted to learn all she could and she spent the time studying, trying to catch up on the years that had been stolen from her. The man, Vidalenic Marcken, eventually stunned her and tried to take her back to Orion Prime. But the USS Hirotoha gave chase and got her back. The Orion had tried while Narisa was in his custody to teach her a lesson and when the away team found Narisa she was naked, spread eagle tied to poles with her back marred with whip marks and blood pooled around her as she hung there. She was taken back to the Hirotoha and healed. Physically at least. She went back into counselling, not willingly of course. She returned to active Duty in 2395 She worked hard and in that year she came into her own. She moved into her own cabin, just down the hall from her parents.

After careful consideration she realized that even though the Hirotoha was her home she would eventually need to go somewhere else. She applied and was granted a transfer to the USS Eagle as what she thought was the assistant chief of Medical.

Upon her arrival she was instantly promoted to chief due to the lack of a senior staffer.
Service Record ||2388 ||Starfleet Academy Done by Correspondence On the USS Hirotoha|| Cadet||
||2389 ||Starfleet Academy Done by Correspondence On the USS Hirotoha ||Cadet||
||2390 ||Starfleet Academy Done by Correspondence On the USS Hirotoha|| Cadet||
||2391 ||Starfleet Academy Done by Correspondence On the USS Hirotoha ||Cadet||
||2392 ||USS Hirotoha ||Medical officer||
||2393 ||USS Hirotoha|| Medical officer||
||2394 ||USS Hirotoha|| Medical officer||
||2396 ||USS Eagle ||Chief Medical officer||