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Here again Commander?

Posted on Mon Nov 9, 2020 @ 10:07pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara

Mission: Episode 1: On Stranger Tides
Location: Esquimalt Station Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD -03
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Ajani was once again stood before the large window that overlooked the Eagle. They were just wielding the last of the Hull plates into place. In dozens of places she could see the bright sparking of the plasma welders, the dancing light playing across the hull was, in a way beautiful. She was still a little starstruck that she was getting the Eagle.

Equimalt had only been running on her own power for about a week now, and already she was starting to see traffic. Ships undergoing refit and repair had pulled in, as well as a few of the ships undergoing the last of their wetdock treatments. Rear Admiral (that still felt weird in his head) Minawara was getting more familiar with the central point of Task Force 72. His Task Force, his station, he reminded himself. His wandering had taken him to one of the observation areas, a series of large lounges laid out to accommodate meetings and overlook the docking berths. The USS Eagle was undergoing her final work, and he'd been curious to look over the edge, and see, it had been a while since he'd seen a Sabre. Much to his surprise he found the room occupied, and after a moment to study the person, recognized them as Lieutenant Commander Carter. Stepping closer to her, he simply said, "Commander."

Turning she smiled, "Admiral" she greeted her commanding officer and glanced around "I guess."

Looking out the window down at the small ship, his eyes traced to the distance where the Vesta hung, assisting in some off station work that Jack had all but begged Yoshi to allow him to do. "Don't see many Sabre classes these days," he said as a bit of conversation. "Worked on a few just after the Dominion War," he added remembering his time spent doing rapid retrofit and repair before getting assigned to the Ticonderoga. "I can imagine you're excited, they're good little ships."

She smiled "That i am" she had been here everyday for weeks now waiting for her ship to be finished "I know she an old class, but the Eagle sports all the new toys" she looked back out the window "We can now be on mission almost three times longer than her older sisters" Carter Grinned "Its not often these days for a Captain to get a ship new off the factory floor"

"More common than you think," replied the Admiral. "Our fleet is old in some places, and post-Dominion War a lot of the left overs were especially old. And when we can reuse an old template with a modern take, it makes it easy for us. No retrofit, just a brand new build," the former Engineer couldn't help but smile. He'd overseen many a refit in his day, and likely would from here on out as well. Though, to not be engaged with them felt odd enough, that there was a team of Lieutenant Commanders decks below him that were hammering out repair orders that he would never see. "As for staying out longer, I hope we can count on that. The region has been a mess as of late, and we need to keep out patrol routes well maintained."

She torn her attention from her ship below and gave the Admiral her full. "So i hear sir, What is the Eagle's mission. I have had the basics but hearing from you directly would be helpful"

"Officially?" replied the Admiral looking back to the woman, offering an almost Vulcan cocked eyebrow. "Anti-piracy, the region has been unstable since the loss of Obsidian Command and the long abandoned use of this station. Now that both are mostly operational, we have to begin rooting out the pirates. Though that said, we are more concerned with Cardassian issues. They are stable but not enough that the Fleet doesn't have concerns." He returned his gaze to the ship under construction and watched as a worker bee moved a segment of hull perfectly into place, and two members began to snap the pieces together fully. "Keep an eye on them Commander, is all I am saying."

Ajani nodded, "We can do that Admiral. Do we suspect outside involvement? Breen? Orion?" There had been rumors, but she had also heard last week that there had been a theft at Mars of the plans for Slipstream. So who knows what's really going on.

"Breen likely," he said with a frown. "They are not exactly happy about the status quo and have been rebuilding since the Dominion War basically unhindered. We suspect they are the ones harassing the Cardassians specifically. Though, I hate to admit it, the Cardassians are free of suspect either. They are stable yes, but there are people who want to go back to the old ways." Turning from the windows entirely, the Rear Admiral nodded towards the doors. "This station is a symbol of the Federation reasserting itself in this region, and there are going to be people that don't like that. Some of them are illegitimate bodies, pirates, the Syndicate, that kind of thing. The others will be more legitimate bodies, whether it is groups inside them, or the entirety of it. The Federation isn't looking for a war," he looked to the woman briefly, before looking back to the door. "And Starfleet's job is to ensure as much as possible that one doesn't happen."

Ajani nodded, "I think there are some people i can contact to see if there is more I can learn" she lent on the windowsill. She didn't know how to feel about this mission, there was a lot riding on her and her crew finding the source of these pirates. "I understand we will be alone, but will there be support for any possible assaults on strong holds? Can i count on the Cardassians to help?"

With a chuckle, the Admiral nodded. "Depends if it suits their needs. The Cardassians are notably fickle in most affairs, so to tell you with any certainty that they will be there to support you is irresponsible of me. I'd count on being alone if I were you."

Carter tilted her in understanding. "Understood sir, the Eagle is a fine ship and her command crew is coming along well." Thinking for a moment she wondered how alone she would truly be, the station would be days if not seeks away at maximum warp. "I am sure we will continue to uphold Star fleets principles and standards." She finished with a smile.

"You wouldn't be here if I didn't think you wouldn't," replied Yoshi with a smile. He looked to the door, and sighed, his name coming over the Comms with a remarked //:"Admiral Minawara to Ops":\\. "Never a dull moment Commander," he added and began his pace towards the door before he stopped and turned on his heels. "Good luck and God Speed," he said, and with that, was gone.

Carter watched the door for a while after the Admiral had left. Ajani was being given command of a brand new star ship on a mission that could change the face of a sector. A lot was riding on her and her crew to get the job done!


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