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Just like old times.

Posted on Sun Nov 22, 2020 @ 6:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Ethan Brash & Master Chief Petty Officer Etzel Hannis

Mission: Prelude - 00
Location: USS Eagle, Deck 5, Cargo Bay 1
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Heavy shadows were cast about the dimly lit bay. There was a multitude of cargo containers, varying in size and placement around the double-stacked room-length storage racks.

A lone figure sat on one of those containers, legs dangling off its' edge. He sat atop the box like a bored child, though he certainly was not. His blood-red skin was mostly covered by the golden-shouldered Starfleet uniform, except for his hands and face. In his hands was a singular data PADD. It emitted a soft chirping noise as he interacted with it, making the only noise that could be heard.

The tranquility of the cargo bay was accented only by the low, distant hum of the ships' engines and conduits. It was a comfortable environment for him, something familiar for someone who'd been on a cargo ship most of his young life.

Laying back, Ethan looked again at the list. Ugh... this is going to be a pain. The information on the PADD was a rather convoluted to-do list for a soon-to-be very busy Chief of Operations. The Lieutenant wasn't looking forward to the transition period he would need to get used to his new commission aboard the USS Eagle. His previous post had been stripped from him for reasons he still didn't understand, though he wasn't sure if he really wanted to know.

"You just couldn't help yourself... could you?"

Ethan shot up faster than a Klingon volunteering for free bloodwine. "Whuh!?" The sudden vertigo of moving too fast caused him to stumble forward off the cargo container. His heels caught the floor and his arms flailed before he regained his balance.

With a deep breath and a scolding look, he turned to give the blue-skinned newcomer a piece of his-

"... Etzel?" He finally said.

The Andorian almost laughed in response to his display, a rare thing, followed by an even rarer thing- a smile. "Hello, Ethan." She said.

His tension and anger were gone in an instant. His hands moved around his torso and face, fixing his uniform and brushing his jet-black hair away from his eyes. With a slow release of breath, he returned her smile, "I had no idea you were coming to visit. You could've warned me, you know!"

She shook her head, "Actually, I'm not here to visit, I'm on business." She said, then reached down into that satchel at her waist she always seemed to have. "Here." She said quietly, handing him a new data PADD.

He placed his own aside before taking the one she'd offered, pulling up the information it contained. The first page's title caught his attention. "Transfer order number..." He trailed off as his mouth dropped open a little. When he looked back up, his eyes were glistening.

"Get ahold of yourself, you idiot." She teased in that low monotone way she'd always done.

But it was too late. Ethan's face was a map of varying emotions as he burst forward, arms wrapping around her shoulders in a sudden, tight embrace.

"H-hey, I told you to-" She sighed, giving up. Etzel knew he would be this way, but she didn't mind it as much with no one around to see it. She waited a moment before returning the hug, then pushing him back to arm's length. "Try not to do that, again. I might punch you, next time."

"I have no doubt," Ethan replied, just a little more serious than before. It was his turn to sigh, "I know I can do it, but... knowing you'll be here makes it a little easier, you know? You're my favorite assistant!"

"More like first and only." She corrected.

"Details, details!" He said, his signature jovial behavior of old coming right back. "Let's get this paperwork finalized, Assistant Chief of Operations!"


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