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The Impossibility of time travel

Posted on Tue Nov 30, 2021 @ 9:44pm by Commander Ajani Carter

Mission: Episode 5a: Pre-Discovery
Location: The Construct, Earth!
Timeline: Many
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As the probe sped around the construct is scanned, checking the build progress. As expected it was nearing completion, it would be only a few days as the drones filled each platform with the tarran needed for the life forms that would soon be created. Now the probe had one more job, just one more task before being retired and returned to the Fold.

A burst of acceleration sent the probe away from the construct, out towards deep space. Unlike before the probe wasn’t using its side space engines, instead it kept increasing speed, getting closer and closer to the light barrier. An iridescent, electromagnetic Cherenkov radiation flowed freely from the rounded leading edge of the probe as it neared the barrier. With a bright flash of blue light and a ‘thump’ that resonated through all the layers of the universe the probe broke through the light speed barrier.

As it reached a dozen times the speed of light a ‘hole’ started to form in front of it, on the other side a large pitted, brightly lit landscape could be seen, in the distance a blue/green world. Seemingly little bigger than a basketball, a smaller grey world lay slightly to one side.

The probe shot through the hole and slowed, it passed the rocky landscape, passed an asteroid that was just a few hours from hitting the planet beyond.The Probe had to scan the planet, life and tarran. If these animals were to be reproduced the examplies down there would have to be scanned. The probe was birthed from technology that this world wouldn’t see for a hundred million years at least. This point in time was locked, meaning this was the only chance the probe had to scan these creatures before they ceased to exist.

It would then go back 150 mega years and spend 150 mega years scanning this world, every day, every second for 150 million years before heading home… almost. It would use its ability to time travel to return to 100 years before it left, giving the creation teams time to create the animals from the DNA scans, ready for the moment the construct was ready for them.

From the point of view of the creation teams, the probe would never be launched as the data would already be in the databanks!


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