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A Moment in the Sun

Posted on Wed Dec 1, 2021 @ 12:31am by Lieutenant Commander Sunita Conlon & Lieutenant JG Maximillian Schott & Lieutenant Jossen Kassus MD

Mission: Episode 5a: Pre-Discovery
Location: Shuttle Landing Pad On Illiran
Timeline: MD -02
1464 words - 2.9 OF Standard Post Measure

Sunny sat on top of her bags at the shuttle port waiting for her ride. She had already gone to battle with the crew of the Eagle, but hadn't had time to bring any of her things to the ship until this point. She hadn't even gotten her new uniform together yet. She had her gold uniform jacket off and tucked under her, making the most out of the ability to lounge in the sun for a little bit longer.

Jossen's head had been buried in his new crew's medical files. So far it consisted of a motley crew of individuals each with their own unique psychological and medical profiles; a human joined with a trill symbiont, a Cardassian chief of security, and an operations officer whose species he had not yet encountered were just a few who caught his attention. If not for the brief breeze that provided a moment of respite from the blazing sun causing him to look up from his pad, he would have missed the woman sitting across from him. He had just read over her file moments ago, he quickly gathered his belongings and made his way over.

"Commander Conlon, I presume?" he had not put on his uniform yet, so rather than his medical blue, Jossen was wrapped in a purple and gold tunic made of Tholian silk and black jump suit. His black hair slicked back in its normal fashion, so firm that no wind could tussle it, his blue eyes transfixed on the woman before him.

Sunny popped open her eyes in surprise. She shielded them against the sun and found herself looking up into a majestically clothed and sharp-featured person she did not remember ever meeting before. His slicked hair made her conscious of the bushy mane she was currently sporting, "Yes, but I'm afraid if you have complaints about something going on with your ship I'm no longer the one to talk to for that. Look for a Tellarite Lieutenant name Gaarvin, and good luck to you." She closed her eyes again and resumed her pose.

"Please forgive my intrusion, Commander. I have you at somewhat of a disadvantage. I am Doctor Jossen Kassus, I will be serving aboard the Eagle with you as it's Chief Medical Officer." He took no note of her appearance and extended his right hand out to her. "Although it has been quite sometime since I was last engaged in a rigorous debate, perhaps I should still visit with this Lieutenant Gaarvin," he said added making a half-attempt at humor.

Sunny opened her eyes again and smiled up, "I don't know if it would be rigorous as much as loud," she stood and took the offered hand, "Nice to meet you, Doc. Sorry, I haven't had time for anything but a cursory look at the manifest. It looks like you're ahead of me on the curve," she pointed to the padd he was holding, "I didn't apply to the Eagle, I sort of got drafted. I was working on their refit here and Commander Carter 'asked' me to come on board to replace their departing XO."

Jossen nodded knowingly for he had been plucked from his previous assignment to join the Eagle as well. "You and I are two sides of the same, at least I believe that is how that particular human parlance goes." He paused for a moment to take in some more fresh air before having to trade it in for an artificial environment. "As a Vulcan I try to avoid any surprises whenever possible, I was prepared, as I would have liked to have been for this posting, at least you have some passing familiarity with our new vessel."

"In the technical sense, of course," Sunny waved her hand at her golden uniform jacket where it was folded up, "this is only my second ship-board posting, though. What kind of post are you coming from?" She took another moment to appraise his attire, "medical liaison for fashion?"

"In a sense, yes" Jossen replied to her joke. "I was encouraged by a colleague to dress comfortably for my voyage to the Eagle. My last assignment was on Turkana IV, a colony world. It has been through a number of struggles but was making considerable progress. I was the Starfleet Medical liaison there," he paused for a moment hoping she wouldn't detect that he would much rather be there.

Sunny thought about it, "Same coin, surprise, unprepared, making progress; sounds like this post isn't a pleasant surprise, then? No judgements, I know everybody joins Starfleet for different reasons." She tried to make her face as passive and open as possible, to make sure the Vulcan understood that she really meant what she was saying.

"No," he said as he looked back down at his PADD. "It was not. This may your second ship-side posting but it is my first posting aboard a starship in over decade," he admitted, sensing he could trust Sunny. "I did not leave Starfleet on the best of terms, this is not an ideal way to get reacquainted."

"Sorry to hear that. I took a few years away from Starfleet at one point, for--" an image of Utopia Planetia on fire flashed through her mind, "--personal reasons. Wow, it's actually been a decade since I came back. Time flies. They have a way of dragging us back, don't they? The greater good, and all that. Gets me every time."

"Indeed, they do. They have taken the maxim, the needs of the many outweigh the news of the few and the one, and turned it into a way of life," he replied. "Does that constitute as a joke?" he added.

Sunny thought about it, "I guess it depends on if you think it's true or not. Generally speaking, a joke requires setting up an expectation and switching it to something unexpected at the last moment. You know, like, 'What happens when you give a Jem'Hadar gum and tell them to blow a bubble? Their ship drops out of warp.'" Sunny paused to see if she'd get a reaction, "Just some old Federation engineer's humor. Maybe you had to be there."

All Jossen could focus on was how illogical it would be for a Jem'Hadar soldier to have bubble gum. He tried to illicit a reaction but all Jossen could do was raise his left-eyebrow in the typical Vulcan fashion and replied "fascinating." Just as he was about to continue the familiar humming of shuttlecraft thruster interrupted him.

A Federation shuttle came gliding down to the surface and put down near them. The hatch popped open Lt. JG Schott popped his head out. He sprung over to where he saw the two people waiting with bags.

"Are you guys my pick-up?" Max offered cheerfully.

"If you're from the Eagle, then yes," Sunny gathered her things.

"Oh, yeah, I'm Max. Max Schott. Pilot extraordinaire. Currently playing cabby to and from the ship."

"Thank you lieutenant. I am sure the crew appreciates your service," Jossen said as he motioned for Sunny to board the shuttle before he did.

"Are you excited to join the Eagle? Do you need me to carry anything? It's my first real ship. Came straight from the command school ship. Got everything? I bet you know all about that, Commander," Max was scurrying around them like a herding dog, reaching out and then retracting his hand as he checked for anything he could help with, "Watch your heads. Is this how you always dress, Doctor? What am I doing? I'm doing all the talking. I should do the checks," Max swung down into the pilot's seat and started the pre-flight checks.

Sunny took him point by point directly, as she stowed her things, "Sure. No. Fun. Fun. Yes. No. Thanks," she looked at Jossen and rolled her eyes.

Jossen returned Sunny's eye-roll with a soft huff, both of them knowing that this would not be a peaceful trip. Like Sunny he stowed his own luggage and proceeded to reply to Max's inquiry about his clothing. "No I do not lieutenant. However, perhaps it might be prudent to focus on your duties for the time beginning," Jossen said as he took his seat across from Sunny.

The shuttle jumped awkwardly off the landing pad, "On it, Doctor," Max flashed a smile and a thumbs up from his seat, before jamming the controls to avoid an incoming shuttle, "totally under control."

"It's alright, Lieutenant, you can just focus on flying. We aren't expecting any in-flight entertainment," Sunny offered.

"Are you sure? I can throw in a barrel roll."

"I'm sure, just a simple ride is good," Sunny nonetheless double-checked to make sure none of her things could shift during the flight.


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