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“When I first looked back at the Earth, standing on the Moon, I cried.”Alan Shepherd

Even before the first astronauts walked upon Earth’s moon the species of the galaxy have dreamt of what lays beyond their own worlds. Four centuries have passed since Human’s first landing on Luna, its face so much different from those days but that same drive that pushed a world to race for the moon still drives the explorers of Starfleet.

While technology has evolved the dangers remain. Four hundred and twenty-seven years later and thousands of light years from Earth a small but dedicated star ship swims through the void. Her shape and livery unmistakable Starfleet.

After their pivotal battle with the pirates in Cardassian space the Eagle limps to the Illiran system, an ally of the Federation with advanced ship building and repair facilities. They were to undergo extensive repairs and even some refits, including Medical and the Bridge module. Newer, and smaller technology was installed in place of the older larger components. The computer would be enhanced with bio-neural gel packs.

While in repairs the crew start to uncover concerning evidence of an infiltration... by the Borg! They were back and they were using a method that they had never attempted before, using nanites to seed the very air that the population was breathing. However, due to the Illiran’s own personal nanite factories (tiny implants) the native Illiran’s would be immune from this kind of assimilation. The visiting population, they were already infected and were slowly being assimilated.


Our next mission will be:

Commander Ajani Carter
Lieutenant Commander Jazon Wilder


The U.S.S. Eagle is a proud member of Obsidian Fleets, Task Force 72

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» if at first you don't succeed use a bigger hammer!

Mission: Episode 5: Escalation
Posted on Tue Sep 28, 2021 @ 7:53pm by Ensign Remmy Halstein & Lieutenant JG Sibyl Danzer

Remmy had heard that the majority of the senior staff and the crew were deploying to the planet to fight the Borg. He was a tactical officer but he felt a little left out so he headed to the armory to speak with the Chief, he worked the night shift…

» Never Finished, Only Abandoned

Mission: Episode 5: Escalation
Posted on Tue Sep 28, 2021 @ 6:23pm by Lieutenant JG Maximillian Schott & Ensign Kanani Jha

Max looked up at the sky and watched some of the traffic going by overhead.

"Thinking about the ship?" Kanani brought him back to earth.

"I know I'm technically not on duty, and the ship is docked, but," he thought about how much he could tell her while they were…

» It's the Little Things pt2

Mission: Episode 5: Escalation
Posted on Sat Sep 25, 2021 @ 12:04am by Lieutenant JG Sibyl Danzer & Lieutenant JG Mark Cross

"Who ever needs to take a shower the most," she snarked, giving him the first turn. The mal-odor of Mark's hard work was already permeating the confined space.

"I shower before every shift without fail..." Mark shook his head, figuring that with all of the technological advances that allowed for…

» Reflections

Mission: Episode 5: Escalation
Posted on Tue Sep 14, 2021 @ 1:09pm by Commander Ajani Carter

Taking a deep, slow breath and held it for a moment before releasing it. Ajani looked out the window where the vast expanse of Illiran's capital city spread out below her. She was leaning on the window frame in her shirt, her jacket discarded on a chair behind her. She…

» Again Lise?!

Mission: Episode 5: Escalation
Posted on Tue Sep 7, 2021 @ 4:10pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant JG Jessica Kelli MD & Lieutenant Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD

Carter had rushed down to sickbay the moment she had heard. From what Max had said it seemed as though Elisabet had been infected with Borg nanites. The problem was no one knew how, she hadn't been injected by a drone, Chief Fox had been insistent on that. She burst…