Welcome to the USS Eagle.

The USS Eagle is a complex RPG, the ship is just as important as the crew; part of the family if you will. This link will take you to the page that lists the ships specifications, ships tour and the deck listings for not only the Eagle but her three shuttles also.

We at Dark Tides wholly follow Obsidian Fleet rules and guidelines. These can be found in full here. The following are guidelines that relate to the U.S.S Eagle:

1: Be kind to each other. - Always remember that others might be having a difficult time in real life, think and calm down before reacting to something you feel is wrong. Also seek another opinion and always speak to your XO and/or CO.

2: Include everyone. - There will be times when someone will find it hard to post alone or may have problems working out where they fit into the the story. If you can help, do so.

3: Post! - It’s understandable that at times the key story telling might expect someone to post before a story can continue. Please don't hold off posting, personal logs and historic posts are most welcome. Post about you characters history or post their thoughts on the current situation in a log entry.

4: The rules of 500 - Fleet standards state that for a post to be accepted as a post it needs to be at least 500 words long. It is recommended that a reply to a joint post be a minimum of 50 words.

5: Be accepting - Obsidian Fleet and the U.S.S Eagle is a community of acceptance. There is no other way to be if you wish to be part of the community. Be open minded!

6: Probation - All new players will be on probation for 4 weeks, in that time they are expected to post twice. Their arrival JP with the CO or XO should be done within the first 7 days.

7: Activity - All players should remain active. To remain active a player should contribute to the discord channels, log in at least once a week to the Nova website and contribute to the story at least once a week.