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Lieutenant JG Marcus 'Mark' Shepard

Name Marcus 'Mark' Alexander Shepard

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Mark's dark brown hair is typically kept as neat as possible, although when engrossed in work, it tends to end up getting a lot messier. The same can be said for his uniform. Typically kept in top condition, the further into his work he finds himself getting, the less care he puts on making himself look presentable. Which doesn't always look good when he's suddenly called to a staff meeting and finds his uniform crumpled and his hair sticking all over the place.

Fitness-wise, he tries to keep himself as fit as possible. He has a strict workout routine designed to keep him in top shape. And of course, crawling through numerous Jefferies Tube each day certainly helps in that respect as well.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Captain Charles Johnathon Shepard
Mother Lieutenant Commander Sylvia Jane Shepard
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Growing up on a Starship, Mark quickly developed a curious personality. A compulsive desire to investigate and learn. He wanted to understand how things worked, and could often be found hanging around engineering, pestering the Engineers with a million questions, often asking a new one before the previous one had even been answered. More than once he could be found having fallen asleep reading a technical manual when he was supposed to have gone to bed.

He can also be considered introverted. Oh sure, he'll attend the ceremonies and parties that his position means he has to be there, but he would much rather be in his quarters, away from the crowds and noise. However, a sure-fire way to ensure that he attends? Food. A good buffet is one way to ensure his attendance. Just don't be surprised if he disappears soon after eating.

Mark also grew up learning to play the violin, and it isn't unusual for people passing his quarters to hear the instrument being played. He finds it helps calm his nerves and helps him to relax after a stressful situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses + A tireless worker. If there is a problem, you can bet that Mark won't rest until he has exhausted every possible option there is to find a solution.
+ A fast learner. It doesn't take long for Mark to pick up new things. Give him a technical manual to read, and you can bet within a couple of days he will have read it cover to cover multiple times.

- On the flip side, being a tireless worker sometimes means that Mark doesn't know when to stop. He has been known on more than one occasion to work himself so hard he burns out and ends up collapsing.
- Because he doesn't spend a lot of time around people, Mark can sometimes come across as a bit blunt, or rude. He tends to state his opinion and doesn't always understand when he might have insulted someone.
Ambitions Whilst many officers strive for the big chair, Mark is content to stay where he is in Engineering. He'd like to make the next big breakthrough in technology, or even eventually retire and take a part-time teaching job somewhere. But that's in the future, and not to be worried about now.
Hobbies & Interests Mark's biggest interest lies in Engineering. His natural environment is in main engineering and has studied the technical manuals of every ship he has ever served on.

Growing up he was also encouraged to play an instrument and soon became proficient in the violin.

He also has a guilty pleasure in the form of noir mystery novels and even has a holodeck program dedicated to such things.

Personal History Born in 2364 aboard the USS Athena to then Commander Charles Shepard, the ship's current Executive Officer, and Lieutenant Commander Sylvia Shepard, the ship's Chief Engineer, Mark has spent practically his whole life aboard starships.

The first few years of his life were spent in relative normality. Being a small science vessel, the Athena was never sent anywhere particularly dangerous. But in 2373, when Mark was just 9, the Dominion War broke out, and suddenly, life was very different.

Although there was talk of sending Mark back to the Lunar Colonies to live with his Grandparents, they eventually decided against it, reasoning that the Colonies were just as dangerous as a Starship if Dominion Forces decided to invade. At least on board the starship, they knew he was safe.

Being only a small science vessel, the Athena rarely saw front-line action. Instead, she was retrofitted to be a supply ship, carrying whatever supplies and aid were needed to various Starbases, ships, and Colonies that were in need.

A year later, in 2374, whilst on what was supposed to be a routine aid mission to a recently attacked colony, the Athena was attacked by Dominion warships. The area was supposed to be clear of enemy vessels, it became clear that they'd flown into a trap. The Dominion was clearly hoping for one of the Federation's flagships to deliver aid and they were hoping to capture them. When they realised instead that all they had was a small, Nova Class, science vessel, they decided to destroy said vessel, in an attempt to stop their lie from being discovered.

Although Nova Class vessels are equipped with a wide assortment of weaponry, they were still no match for Dominion Warships. The Captain eventually ordered the evacuation of the ship, opting to stay behind to defend the fleeing shuttlecraft. When the final shuttle was clear, he set the ship on a collision course, buying the shuttle's enough time to make their escape, and giving Mark's father a field promotion to Commanding Officer.

When they reached the nearest Starbase a few days later, his father gave his report. It didn't take long for Starfleet Command to fully authorise his command status. He was promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Apollo, a Sabre class light cruiser. Their job would be much the same as it had been on the Athena.

When the Dominion War finally came to an end the next year, Mark's mind had pretty much been made up. He wanted to follow his parents into Starfleet. Although they were both apprehensive about this, given the war they had just faced, they realised that they had no right to stop their son from doing what he felt was right.

7 years later, at the age of 18, Mark applied to the Academy and was accepted. For the first time in his life, he was going to be living off of a Starship.

His time at the Academy was mostly uneventful and four years later, he graduated with a Major in Engineering, minoring in Helm and Navigation. Whilst he certainly isn't the fanciest flyer, in a pinch, he would be more than capable of taking over the Conn.

Upon his graduation, he was commissioned with the rank of Ensign and promptly given his first posting onboard the USS Newton, an Intrepid class ship, as an Engineering Officer.

His life since graduating has been mainly uneventful. He served on the Newton for the next four years, before receiving a transfer to the USS Achilles, a Hermes class scout ship.

He only served on the Achilles for two years, however, before finding himself transferred once again, this time to the USS Aurora. Two years after his transfer, the ship found itself without an Assistant Chief Engineer, and Mark soon found himself in that role.

Three years later, he finds himself still serving on the Aurora, the ship having crashed, hoping someone will be along soon to help.
Service Record 2364 - Born aboard the USS Athena

2373 - Age 9 - Dominion War breaks out

2374 - Age 10 - The Athena is destroyed in a surprise attack by the Dominion. Her Captain is killed and Mark's father assumes temporary command. Is later given a promotion to Captain and full command of the USS Apollo.

2375 - Age 11 - Dominion War comes to an end. Mark makes the choice that he wants to enlist in Starfleet when he's old enough.

2382 - Age 18 - Applies to and is accepted to Starfleet Academy.

2386 -Age 22 - Graduated from the Academy with a Major in Engineering and a Minor in Helm and Navigation. Commissioned as an Ensign, he is posted to the USS Newton as an Engineering Officer.

2390 - Age 26 - Transferred from the Newton to the USS Achilles.

2392 - Age 28 - Transferred to the USS Aurora.

2394 - Age 30 - Promoted to Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

2397 - Age 33 - Still serving on the Aurora