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Private Promotion Celebration

Posted on Thu Dec 16, 2021 @ 5:55pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant Commander Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD

Mission: Episode 5a: Pre-Discovery
Location: CO's Quarters
Timeline: MD -01
1012 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Lise walked with a grin to Ajani's quarters, Carrying a full bottle of Saurian Brandy. Nearing the door, she pushed the door chime.

Carter had left the party in the Highbay Lounge so that her officers could have a good time without worrying about their boss hanging around. Command was a lonely game, even with those she considered friends were kept at arms length. Ajani knew how hard it was to send people into situations where they might be killed. It wasn't much after she had gotten home and pulled her service jacket off, discarded somewhere near her sofa. The door chime rang, a holographic 'window' appeared in the door showing her who was calling.

"Come on in Lise" she said smiling.

Lise walked in and chuckled. "You will never get away from me when it's time to party."

"Should have known you'd notice I'd disappeared" Ajani said reaching the small kitchen and pulling two glasses out and ordered a tub of ice from the computer, which coalesced on the glass coffee table.

Lise showed the bottle. "2302, my last host got it on Berengaria. You can find anything there."

It was still strange to hear her speak like this, even stranger given Lise was human. It was something she would get used to but it gave her pause.

But she grinned "Its a good year" she said taking the bottle and turning it to read where it had been cask. "A very good year indeed" she scooped two balls of ice, one in each glass and then two fingers of Brandy into each.

"Please" she indicated "sit and tell me how the blending has been going."

"Intarrah is interesting." Lise noted. "I sensed surpise that it got a human host, especially one that was so accomodating to me. It's like, there's nowhere that Elisebet begins and intarrah ends." Lise noted. "Jasc Intarrah however was somewhat crictical of Starfleet's diplomatic corps. He left after he became disillusioned after what he called 'a sham peace.' when the Demilitarized Zone treaty was signed with the Cardassians. He was right. The treaty drove desperate people in violence. What other choice did the Maquis colonies have? 'Two Giants made peace, yet the little people were still waging war.' Lise poured a glass of Saurian Brandy.

"Was a little before my time" she said "And I was fast tracked through the academy when the Dominion attacked. I never had to make those kinds of choices" she took a sip of her brandy, savouring the slight burn as it went down. "What did Jasc do after leaving the Fleet?"

"Vice Admiral Alynna Necheyev forced his resignation. Then took over negotiations. There was a woman who drank too much espresso. She was interested in getting the treaty signed. Anything else, she told Jasc to 'Negotiate a Settlement.' What settlement?" Lise noted. "People were being removed from their homes on colonies that offered no strategic value to the Cardassian Union, except for the Central Command to gain public support. And when the orders came to move the Federation Colonists, it was in a way that could make a Cardassian Gull grin like the Cheshire Cat. This was not peace, Ajani." Lise noted. "It was appeasement. Jasc tried to convince the DMZ Colonies not to react to Vice Admiral Necheyev's meddling, but it was too late. Necheyev got the promotion to Admiral by getting the treaty signed. Some people at the Central Command were promoted for their diligent service to the state, And millions of colonists were told the United Federation of Planets handed their homes over to the monsters responsible for the Setlek III massacre." Lise noted. "That wasn't peace Ajani.. and it lead to the greatest war the Federation ever knew... And Jasc Intarrah's greatest failure. Ajani... When someone builds a home... it is home... And people will fight for their home until their last breath."

Carter nodded, "I don't disagree. Its hard at times to follow orders and ones own morality. From what i've read the treaty was more about avoiding a conflict the Cardassians were spooling for and less about fairness. I don't know what i would have done differently Lise. It was a crappy situation all around. Govenments making massive moves and changes without really understanding the atmosphere. Its been done time and again." She took a large gulp of her brandy, "But i've seen war and i am never eager for a fight."

"Anyway, enough about politics. We go on like this, it might ruin the whole evening." She grinned. "Just one thing, I never want to be a Diplomat ever again. Science is fun." She grinned.

Carter smiled "Diplomacy is never any fun. It is very much hard work and tiresome for sure. When did you know you wanted to be a scientist?"

"When I realized science was fun and you could make root beer from dry ice?" Lise grinned. "Chemistry in action."

She chuckled, "Indeed" she said "Was never really a science kind of person. I mean I enjoy exploration, thats why i became a Captain. To explore. I love flying though, that is my passion, and i do miss that."

"Serves you right when you let them promote you. Wait until you become an Admiral." Lise noted. "Oh you're 'Let's use every favor I've got for an analysis of the Great Attractor' Days will be over."

Carter raised an eye brow in a somewhat Vulcan manner "Who says i am anywhere near the end of my list of favors, or that i am done with the Great Attractor" she smiled "I am a very likable person, and Admiral?! They are struggling to find a reason to promote me to Captain right now!"

Lise chuckled. "They promoted Jonathon Archer to Admiral, and then he became president of the UFP. I'm sure you get there one day."

Ajani snorted in her drink, almost choking "You have high hopes for me Lise" she said after recovering some. "We'll see what the future holds but the here and now is what ill focus upon."


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