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The begining

Posted on Thu Jan 20, 2022 @ 8:38pm by Commander Ajani Carter

Mission: Prelude - 00
Location: Starfleet Academy
Timeline: 2372
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The newly enrolled Cadet Ajani Carter stood looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. A marvel of engineering upon construction. With the sun setting it really did seemingly appear to glow gold, she smiled and just drank in the setting sun and the ocean breeze.

With effort she pulled herself back to the present and turned to face the academy building. She had only arrived a few hours before, she had been fitted for her uniform and it fit perfectly. Ajani couldn't wait to put it on and show off. It was the beginning of the year so there were only a handful of others around and the upper cadets wouldn't be arriving for another few weeks. To give the freshmen a chance to acclimate without being overwhelmed.

It was going to be strange, the Academy had tagged her year to be the first to do the condensed two year course as conflicted with the newly discovered Dominion seemed inevitable. But all the other cadets in years before her would continue on with their studies. All-be-it the last two years would be deployed to ships to finish their degrees in the field. It was a major departure from the norm but with there now being more ships that full crews to staff them it was needed.

With a small smile Ajani headed to her dorm, which she would be sharing with another. This was the part she wasn't so happy with. Her sister had joined the Fleet a good 10 years ago and so Ajani had more or less grown up not having to share a room. So, having to share with a stranger was going to be difficult. But, at least they would have their own rooms. Carter didn't really know what to expect in the coming days but she was going to face it just as she had everything else.

Ajani input her door code and opened, for the first time her dorm room door. It was bigger than she had expected, three doors led off the front room, checking each she saw that there were two bedrooms and a shower room. Her name had been programmed into the furthest door. Her dorm mate had yet to arrive so Carter took the time to unpack her belongings, that had been transported ahead of her.

Her room was furthest from the front door, but was on the corner of the building so she had a panoramic window which gave her a view of the campus and the bridge, she gushed a little at that. She had always loved the Golden Gate Bridge, a feat of engineering that pathed the way for ever more impressive constructions in the centuries since. She didn't know how long she was stood staring at the views before shaking it off. Carter shock her head lightly and started to unpack her things, she didn't have much and it didn't take very long but she wanted to assign locations for each type of item, clothing, shoes, uniforms ect. The room wasn't big and Ajani knew if she didn't plan now she could clutter the placed really quickly!

Stepping back into the doorway Ajani looked over the small room, she had a desk with a computer and storage space for Pads, there was also a small sofa under the window, her bed was located along window on the other wall. The last items were a wardrobe and chest of draws on the wall with the door. It would do, she was only being to be at the academy for two years anyway, then she would be assigned to a ship or station to help fill the gaps of others lost to the Dominion!


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