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Again Lise?!

Posted on Tue Sep 7, 2021 @ 4:10pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant JG Jessica Kelli MD & Lieutenant Commander Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD

Mission: Episode 5: Escalation
Location: Medical Isolation
Timeline: Mission Day 7
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Carter had rushed down to sickbay the moment she had heard. From what Max had said it seemed as though Elisabet had been infected with Borg nanites. The problem was no one knew how, she hadn't been injected by a drone, Chief Fox had been insistent on that. She burst into medical and was confronted by Jessica, the ranking doctor on duty.

"Captain" she said "I insist you calm down before you see her, we are detecting nanite in her system but she is already under going treatment and should be free of them soon."

Ajani took a deep breath, she had grown attached to her Science Chief. Hearing she would be okay Carter sighed with relief, "Thank you Jessica"

Lise sighed. "Don't say it."

"Well, you seem to be spending more time in here than your own lab, is there a change in career you wish to tell me about" Carter teased with a smirk. "How though? What happened?"

"The Illran Atmosphere regulators." Lise noted. "All of my team will need this treatment captain. The've configured the regulators to distrubute nanoprobes through the atmosphere. Anything that doesn't have the Illaran Nanofactory. Gets slowly assimilated. This is something new, Captain, and who knows how many people have already been infected. The Collective has become subtle, the direct approach is not working, so they're trying subterfuge."

Carter was shocked, she had no idea that the Borg could work that way. "Are you sure about this Lise?" Ajani couldn't got to Illiran command with this unless they were sure. I mean it wasn't like she didn't trust her science officer but it was important that they have evidence.

"I have one of the drone's neuroprocessors with me in my analysis kit. Along with the data I extracted from it." Lise noted.

"Okay" she said grabbing the padd from her thigh pocket she started to access the ships sensor data, the tricorder data from the away team, everything they had really. "Okay. So if the Borg have used to it disseminate can we use it to disseminate a cure? Or Illiran nanites? They seem to be doing a great job in protecting Illirans from the Borg.

"If we're going to use it for a cure, we have to do it now." Lise noted. "Doctor, how much longer? I have work to do, or we're going to have borg coming out of nowhere. Literally."

Jessica sighed, "You have to be one of the worst patients I have ever had" she muttered and stuck a small device, a medical monitoring device. "This has enough in it to finish your treatment. Plus, given you are planning of ignoring me when i tell you not to go down to the planet it will also protect you from additional exposure."

"Well then hurry up, and we need to get enough Nanofactories for a small team to get to these atmosphere regulators." Lise mentioned.

"If you had let me finish Doctor" the Medical Officer stressed, "I have created twenty more, I thought you might need a few more" She smiled at the Captain "EV suits wont help so don't bother with them. Please also know that if a drone injects someone directly it will not be as easy to help them" she grimaced.

Carter nodded "Thank you Doctor, please have the rest of the away team ready as well, I fear we will need them as well."

Lise spoke. "I have an idea... If the Illran Nanomachines can defeat assimilation. Maybe they can reverse it, and even enable us to do something incredible." Lise thought a moment. "I think we can hack the collective and start liberating drones by the thousands.... even millions."

She frowned, "In theory... yes. But the truth is that this is the first Borg presence we have discovered in the last ten years. Even the Slipstream mission to known Borg hubs resulted in only debris. But a weapon of opportunity sure." Ajani smiled "If you can do the programming i will set Ethan and Mark to finding out how the Borg adapted the atmo tower and how we can use that adaption."

Lise spoke. "Hey Doc... Wanna help me liberate some borg? We got science stuff to do." She grinned.

Jessica smiled and nodded. "Lets" she said

Ajani decided she would leave the women to it. "I will speak with Mark and Ethan look into a means to reverse the Borg influence on the Atmospheric towers. We need to work quickly, we don't know how long we have until those who are infected succumb to the collective."


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