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Fairly well

Posted on Mon Feb 22, 2021 @ 2:49pm by Commander Ajani Carter

Mission: Episode 2: Rising Tides
Location: Captain's Readyroom
Timeline: current
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Ajani was about to lose another of her senior staff, with her tactical chief being transferred and hitching passage on the Arcadia Narisa was also being moved. It seems that someone at fleet medical had been rightly impressed by her handling of the Virus. Not only had she understood the earlier research but had done her own and come up with a cure and saved the four person strike team who had been infected. She had done all this while still serving the crews medical needs and in less than a week. SFM and sent Ajani orders to send Narisa to them aboard the Arcadia. Needless to say Ajani was less then happy about this, while it is true that the Eagle had multiple Doctors Narisa had shown she was damn good at her job, even at this early stage of her service.

"Doctor Narisa, please come to my ready room at once." she closed the channel before she could reply, she already knew that the doctor was reluctant to leave the sickbay and Carter had no intention to argue with her over the comm system.

Narisa had already been informed of her transfer, it helped that your adoptive family were friends with people in charge of such things. She calmly left the medical bay and headed for the ready room. This was not going to be fun.
Once there she hit the chime.

"Come in Doctor" said Carter getting to her feet and rounding her desk. The Arcadia was due to leave and return to their AoO in about an hour, she wasn't sure how much the doctor had to pack or take care of before she beamed off the Eagle but Carter didn't want to keep her too long.

Ajani didn't know what to expect, the valued doctor walked in and placed a padd in Ajani's hand smiled and left. This was not what she had expected to happen. Looking at the contents of the padd she saw a text file and a video file, she played the video first. It seemed the more important one to start with.

Afterwards she thought it was short, in reality it was much longer, almost 10 minutes. The Chief of Medical expressed her feelings of the situation, at the short time she had been aboard the Eagle and her frustration at being transferred without her requesting it. She had only been assigned to the Eagle for a few weeks after all. Taking a deep breath she read the text file, it was a letter, a draft. It was a draft of her resignation from Starfleet, unsent but it was plain that her loyalty to the Fleet was wavering. Carter knew those feelings, after the Borg invasion she had written a letter just like the one before her. he had chosen to stay and push forward. To work the problem from the inside rather than quit, Carter just hoped that her, former, medical chief would find her own way before it over whelmed her.


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