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Posted on Fri Jan 8, 2021 @ 10:09pm by Lieutenant Narisa & Lieutenant JG T'Prynn

Mission: Prelude - 00
Location: Sickbay, Deck 4
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At the age of 101, Lieutenant T'Prynn had been subjected to more than her fair share of medical examinations and whilst their importance was clear, that did not stop them from being a nuisance to her. Ever efficient, the Vulcan hated wasted opportunities, so sitting on a bio bed whilst she was proverbially 'poked and prodded' was not her idea of being efficient.It was, however, a necessary requirement in order for her to commence her duties aboard the Eagle. Thus, she entered sickbay on deck four and stood motionless, silently observing the medical facility and waiting to be addressed by someone at their convenience.

Narisa was just finishing up sorting out some files when she spotted the newcomer in medical. "Hello Lieutenant" She said as she exited her office. "I am Lieutenant Narisa, the Chief Medical Officer. Are you here for your onboarding Physical?"

"Affirmative Doctor," the Vulcan responded with a single nod of confirmation. "Lieutenant T'Prynn, mission advisor to the Captain," she added a few seconds later.

"Very well please have a seat on the bio bed there, I will just pull up your file." Narisa said reaching for a PADD.

T'Prynn gave a curt nod to the Chief Medical Officer before climbing on to the biobed as requested. She waited, silent and still, for the physician to return.

She stepped over to the bio bed. "Are there any medical conditions or medical history that I should be aware of that is not in your file Lieutenant?"

"Negative Doctor," the Lieutenant remarked, turning her head slightly to look the green-skinned medic over slightly. To see an Orion in Starfleet was not as rare as it used to be, but even so, they were not stereotypically the kind of species one would expect to see in the teal uniform of the sciences. That being said, it was hardly a paradox worth further enquiry other than the small talk she had become accustomed to over the years. "Have you been in Starfleet's service for long, Lieutenant?" the Vulcan enquired.

"8 years" came the calm reply. "I passed the academy in 2392." She picked up her tricorder. "This will not take long, I am not one who wastes time on useless stuff like making people run on treadmills." She took the diagnostic wand and began her scans.

"Your efficiency is appreciated Doctor. I am certain that you have much more important tasks to complete than studying the healthy," the Vulcan surmised, again taking in the sights of the smaller sickbay.

"You could say that, the CO sent a group onto a ship without EV protection and they are all sick. I have a few tests running." She finished her scans. "You are in perfect health as you stated."

T'Prynn almost neglected to hear the last few of the Doctor's words, choosing instead to focus on the beginning of what she had just said. "Why do you think the Captain chose that course of action? Is she incompetent or was it simply an error in judgement? I need as much data as possible so that I can adequately advise her in the future," the elder woman added the last part quickly so as to not appear overly critical of her new commanding officer.

"I believe it was a miscalculation. And they have since insisted on EVA suits for such events." Narisa said as she began filing the paperwork.

"I can see that my presence here is more than required," the Lieutenant did not flinch, but a single eyebrow raised as she registered her reaction to the Doctor's statement. "In your capacity as the ship's physician, is there anything else you think I may need to be aware of in order to perform my functions adequately?" she enquired.

"Ah have you met the chief of science?" The CMO asked. "She is very unique as well."

"I have met only yourself and the Captain so far," the Vulcan revealed, her head tilting ever so slightly at the intrigue of the Doctor's words.

"She talks very fast and I believe could use some socialisation." Narisa said. "Being in a higher position will help."

"Fascinating..." was all the Vulcan would say as the Doctor concluded her scans. Perhaps small talk was required? Or were they already engaging in such an activity? "I will endeavour to engage our science officer in the socialisation you suggest. I am certain that will... go well..." Was the Vulcan actually trying to be funny? Surely not.

Narisa gave a small smile. "It is just an observation Lieutenant. I am sure you will find her mind intriguing as well." Narisa finished her scans and filed the report. "You are clear for duty."


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