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Vulcans - who'd have 'em?!

Posted on Wed Dec 23, 2020 @ 9:56pm by Lieutenant JG T'Prynn

Mission: Prelude - 00
Location: Messhall, USS Devils Brew
Timeline: Sevreal days prior to joining USS Eagle
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As a former engineer and member of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, Lieutenant T’Prynn had a vested interest of sorts in matters that arose around the Federation and the latest developments in starship construction were worrying. The Federation’s strained dilithium market had been hit hard by the loss of several key sources of the precious mineral, following core meltdowns at a number of processing centers around the Federation which led to controversial mining strikes and reduced starship construction.

But as the mining strike continued on Verona III, reports had shown that overproduction at a mid-sized production facility on Nagil IV had led to a core meltdown from equipment which had, over several decades, developed tiny microscopic fissures. These fissures had caused the plant’s generator core to fail, leaving a crater where the plant’s power core once stood. The plant manager at the Nagil Processing Center, Ria Fessed, had naturally denied the plant’s equipment had been responsible for the destruction of the facility but had soon transpired that the last inspection of the Nagil facility had noted the worn state of the reactor. The Nagil Controller’s Office subsequently requested maintenance of the plant facility, and the request was filed with the planetary Corps of Engineers, which had the maintenance slated for next month.

The new Vulcan mission advisor found the whole story fascinating. She had visited both Verona and Nagil on many an occasion over the years and knew just how antiquated some of the systems were, so it was of no surprise to her that such a disaster had occurred. She, like many, hoped that it was only a case of coincidence that the plant meltdown had occurred at the same time that failed diplomatic talks in a bid to secure mining rights from the Sarshayet had led to the strained dilithium market taking its toll on trade and starship production across the Federation. The inability to produce new starships was never something to be scoffed at.

The reclusive Sarshayet in Nebula KR27-B were open to becoming members of the Federation as well as offering rights to mine their nebula for much needed dilithium, but negotiations had fallen apart after Federation representatives missed the summit due to malfunctions aboard the USS Apollo-A, which suffered issues with her warp drive.

With the dilithium shortage no doubt continuing further into the year, its effects were beginning to be felt across the Federation. A noticeable decline in trade among the Federation’s member worlds and between the Federation itself and non-aligned, friendly worlds was reported by the Federation Department of Commerce, with some estimates placing the drop at almost forty percent.

In the mean time, member worlds had opened their own negotiations with non-aligned worlds to secure shareholder rights of dilithium mining directly, bypassing the Federation government entirely, a direction which did not bode well for Federation President Bezar’s call for a renewed focus on Federation unity and equal treatment of all members.

T’Prynn was sat in her usual spot in the Devil’s mess facility, shaking her head as she read the latest updates on the whole situation as she read the most recent update on the situation in one hand and the updates she had received from Captain Carter of the USS Eagle in the other. The USS Devils Brew was on her way to rendezvous with the Eagle, where she would deposit her Vulcan passenger, but while she was aboard, the Lieutenant had tried to be ‘helpful’. It was because of that help that she was soon approached from behind. The breathing, the footsteps, they all gave the visitor away.

“Ensign Thysev,”she spoke in her usual tone of indifference, her eyes never leaving the PADD she was reading, “is it safe to surmise that your presence suggests a problem in engineering?” she mused with a raised eyebrow as a rather dirty looking Andorian plonked himself into a seat opposite the Vulcan.

“We’ve tried everything, but we just can’t get the warp capacitors to charge,” the Andorian fumed, “Without them, we’re stuck here!”

“You do not have to inform me of the consequence of your failure Ensign,” she scolded in her usual cold manner as she pushed her nimble frame up and out of the chair. “Having majored in many propulsion related courses at the academy and with many years of experience in the field, I am acutely aware of the outcome related to faulty warp capacitors. Return to engineering and I will meet you there shortly,” she commanded before turning and heading for the nearest exit and the set of double doors that went with it.

A loud sigh from the Andorian, to accompany the seemingly constant movement of his antennae, signalled his frustration. “Vulcans…” he muttered under his breath as he pushed himself up and out of his own chair and headed for engineering.

Vulcans indeed.


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