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Meeting the new Doctor

Posted on Mon Dec 6, 2021 @ 4:00pm by Commander Ajani Carter & Lieutenant Jossen Kassus MD

Mission: Episode 5a: Pre-Discovery
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD -00
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One of the other major refits on the Eagle was that of the medical facilities. By changing the location of the Doctors office to the centre of the room they were able to increase the number of biobeds while maintaining the sense of privacy. She liked the layout. Like the Bridge the room was fitted with holoemitters, the beds and walls were real of course but the Bio-beds could be augmented with additional features depending on the need at the time.

She stood at the door, just inside so it would shut behind her and looked for her new Chief of Medical. "Doctor?" Ajani called out questioningly.

Jossen had been in the midst of familiarizing himself with his new sickbay when an unfamiliar voice snapped him back to reality. "Yes?" he said as he immerged from the surgical unit. Jossen's face turned red, if it weren't for the fact that he was so obviously Vulcan one might have thought he was embarrassed. "I believe it is customary for me to report to you, I apologize for making you come all of this way."

"Not at all Doctor" she said with a smile. "So much is happening. With half my crew being exchanged out i would think you will have your hands full. How are you finding the medical bay" Carter glanced around "It is a a design i have never seen before" shrugging she continued "Though I am told it is more efficient and does offer more privacy than the model we have before"

"I am quite sure the facilities will suffice. I am satisfied with its design, most Saber class vessels do not have a sick bay this advanced," Jossen replied. "How are you adjusting to all of the changes, Captain?" asking out of genuine curiosity. The Eagle had been through quite the ordeal in its last mission, it felt strange coming in after all of the action.

She smiled "It wasn't what I was expecting for sure" Ajani looked around "The Eagle was filled with much of the latest technologies when she was built, she's only a month old. The Illiran shipyards have upgraded us with the rest, holo systems throughout the ship more efficient sensors and power systems, and a state of the art medical facilities" she cocked her head "At least for a ship of this size." Ajani changed the subject "Have you been able to familiarize yourself with the crew records yet?"

"Yes I have," he said as he grabbed a nearby PADD. "Even for a Starfleet vessel, you have managed to accrue quite a unique crew. At least from a medical point-of-view." He paused briefly as if to choose he next words very carefully. "With your permission Captain I would like to conduct a fresh set of examinations. Given your last mission Starfleet Medical's protocol is such that I must ensure that both you and the crew to continue to serve effectively." There was always a unique relationship between Chief Medical Officers and Commanding Officers and Jossen didn't want to overstep his bounds.

Ajani pondered the request. "I would think that is most likely a good idea. A number of the crew were infected with Borg nanites. They were 'cured' but at the very least i'd assume that there would be some issues stemming from that." She tilted her head a little, "most of the crew are two young to remember the Borg invasion, but the Borg have plagued our minds since Picard was thrown in front of that first cube. To have been infected with their assimilation nanites could has lasting effects on the mind."

"Indeed, Captain. I was there for the aftermath of the Battle of Wolf 359," he said as he clasped his hands behind his back and stood more upright. "I hope you can appreciate that I am mostly concerned with the crew's mental wellbeing. No one truly walks away unscathed after going up against the Borg."

She nodded gravely, Wolf 359 was too early for her but she understood. Her ship and crew had faced the Borg with technology and weapons, and tactics that would have ended that early battle in minutes. Hell even their second attack during the dominion war had gone better. The invasion had only been difficult due to the numbers of Borg ships and the losses that were still being rebuilt from the Dominion War.

"Would you be amendable to being the first person be evaluated, Captain?". Jossen didn't have to be born a Vulcan for him to understand that people; be they Klingon, Human, Bajoran or Cardassian seldom appreciated talking about their thoughts and feelings openly.

"Sure" Unlike almost every other captain she had met Carter had no problems with medicals. She had nothing to hide, and she wasn't fearful or ashamed of her actions... mostly.

"Excellent," he said as he motioned for Captain Carter to have a seat.

Carter took a seat on one of the Bio-Beds with her legs swinging over the edge.


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