Season 3: Aurora

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Commander Ajani Carter sat on the bridge reviewing the repairs and refits the Eagle had undergone through the Borg incident. They had gotten lucky with that one and the clean up was being handled by the Borg Task Force, a flotilla of six ships led by the Venture. The USS Eagle had broken orbit a few days before and was heading towards their next patrol zone, this time it was towards the beta quadrant length of the border, Romulan and Breen ships had been sighted taking short cuts across UFP space and this needed to stop. The Eagle would the Devil's Brew when they arrive, the two ships together would present a formidable deterrent to trespassers.

Things are starting to get into a routine, and new-to-the-crew members are fitting in and finding their feet aboard the small but versatile ship. Carter had spent way too long into the gamma ship in her chair, she had made it clear to the shift chief she wasn’t here but she should really leave him to it. Sighing, maybe a little too loud she was frustrated with her research so she bid good night to the gamma shift and turned in for the night.

On the Bridge, near the middle of the gamma shift, about 3am the distress call from the Aurora was received.
As the closest ship, the Eagle sets an intercept course knowing they are limited in this kind of operation. Carter gets a message from fleet command, the USS Dennison, an Odyssey Class ship, would arrive 4 days after the Eagle does, they would do the bulk of the work but the crew of the Aurora might not have that long. The shift commander notified the captain and executive officer of the situation and then set a course.

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Included Missions

Episode 5a: Pre-Discovery

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A place to post your stories that happen between mission 5 and mission 6. Think of this a the build up to mission 6.

Episode 6: Discovery

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For millions of years it was thought that this star was a Red Dwarf, a common class of star and with no detectable planet was considered to be low priority. Captain James Newmen, the Captain of the Nova Class Aurora, trying to save time on his mission, took a shortcut past the system and they were yanked in by the unexpected gravity of the Dyson net. The net has hidden the true nature of the G class star and the massive gravity of the net.

The USS Aurora falls into normal space with a subspace thump, their return to normal space was unexpected. Their port warp nacelle exploded moments later, and they were dragged down into the gravity well of a massive object. The crew had enough time to push a distress call before they entered into the atmosphere of one of the Earth sized platforms. With great skill, and just enough power the impeccable pilot brought the Aurora into a mostly controlled landing. The landing gear crumpled as she slid through the tall grass of a green meadow, coming to a stop several kilometres from touchdown.

Smoke drifted up from the remains of the port engine, the lowest two decks had compressed into a thick slab of twist metals. The animals that had fled from the crash started to return; human sized bipedal creatures, covered in downy feathers, approached out of curiosity. Any human child would have recognised these creatures and dinosaurs, specifically Utahraptors. Chirps and barks were exchanged among the pack of 30 or so animals. Tails used for balancing and agility stuck out straight behind powerful bodies. Four fingers tipped with sharp claws rested close to their bodies. Their toes end in equally sharp claws, and one large, curved claw on the outside of each foot. The pack approached the Aurora in a loose inverted V formation but stopped short a few dozen meters from the hull.

In the distance other animals kept their distance, each of these creatures were quadrupeds, long thick necks, massive bodies, and long tails and four thick legs.