Set Phasers to Frag

Posted on Thu Apr 1, 2021 @ 3:48pm by Lieutenant JG R'Imus tr'Aimne & Lieutenant Dr. Elisabet Granger Ph.D MD & Chief Petty Officer Shr'Nesh Karadis

Mission: Episode 3: Dark Tides
Location: Near the Science Labs
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OOCMatt: Lise you find yourself in the middle of all of this... again. The Two Intel people are here for... reasons?! (shruggs) Mine will be there on purpose. Drew yours can have their own reasons. Ryder you are leading a security team to deal with the intruders.

tr'Amine had decided to make himself useful, normally while the ship is at red alert his job was, more or less to stay out the way. Most CO's insisted on this, Carter was different. He was assigned to Tactical Operations, or just Tactical but he was more than able to fight. When the call came that the shields have been breached and intruders had beamed aboard he grabbed his Phaser and headed for the fission reactor room, other places would already been under heavy guard.

"R'Imus to Ryder, I am heading for reactor control" he said breaking into a run, "I figure it is the least defended and i think they will make a run for it" A ship this small he was in fact billeted just a deck above so he took an access tube, sliding down the ladder. He spun around, his phaser in held close to his chest in a two handed grip but aimed and ready.

[Tactical Office, Deck 3]

Klaxons blared and the red lights flashed as the Eagle rocked violently. An alert that intruders were now onboard also rung out as CPO Karadis clawed her way out of the Tactical Office.

"What the fuck!" she managed before another violent jerk from the ship sent her sprawling across the deck causing her to bang her head off the wall. The corridor was filled with crew trying to remain upright and try to get to their emergency stations. Groggily, Karadis pulled herself up the wall and looked around and grabbing an Ensign shouted "What's happened?"

"Our shields have been breached and the Pirates have boarded us!" they replied.

"Do we know how many and where?" Karadis asked.

"Do I look like I'm the ships computer Chief!" he retorted angrily "we're under attack and that's all I know" he said, shaking himself loose and taking off.

Karadis looked after him, anger in her eyes but at the same time understanding his fear. She tapped her COMM badge and said "Karadis to Kerr...", but there was nothing. She tried again "Kardis to Lieutenant Kerr, come in...", but yet again there was nothing.

"Shit..." she said out loud, then stopped herself. Once again, the Eagle lurched and she was thrown down on her knees, but was up again just as quickly. Reasoning quickly she set off at a run and was soon in the armoury. There wasn't time for protocol so she said "Computer, armoury pass override, authorisation Karadis Beta Alpha, Gamma three two two. The computer chirruped and accepted the override. Grabbing a phaser rifle and an extra power pack, a couple of stun grenades that she stuck in the top of her boots and a phaser she reset the override and left.

"What would I protect first...come on Shr'Nesh, think!!!" she said to herself "What would they go for?"

Suddenly it clicked "Of course!" she said and set off at a run. As she did she came across a Security detail "You, Ensign, come with me" she said to the group leader.

"What?, You don't give me orders, you're Non-Co..." he began.

"Shut your hole you arse, this isn't time to try and pull rank, you can Court Marshall me later for insubordination, right now, we need to go and protect the computer core!" she yelled.

"You're a Non-Com" the Ensign began again.

"How long have you held your commission?" Karadis yelled.

"Three months" he replied.

"How much in duty fighting experience do you have?" she said angrily.

"Well, none...yet" he said.

"I've got fifteen years worth, in conditions you've never dreamed of you idiot, now get your shit together and follow me!" she said, grabbing him by the arm and propelling him along the corridor. The rest of the squad just looked at each other and then followed Karadis as she kept taking to the Ensign about why she was saying what she was saying.

[Deck 7, outside the upper computer core]

As Karadis approached the junction, she listened carefully in case anything gave her a clue as to what could be ahead. She couldn't hear anything, so drew a deep breath. Looking round she said "I'm going to have to stick my head briefly around the corner to see if the pirates are there. Be ready to act straight if needs be. At all costs, we have to protect the core, it's the essential part of the ship that those pirates need to get to."

The Security squad nodded their heads and made themselves ready. Karadis drew another deep breath, and stuck her head out quickly, glanced up the corridor and brought her head back. What she'd seen was a group of the pirates trying to force the door, but by the looks of it without success. Using hand signals, Karadis got two of the squad to quickly dice across to the other side of the corridor junction. Next, she signalled that, she and the two squad members she was with would quickly and silently move out and go up the left hand side of the corridor, using what doorway cover there was. The other squad members were to wait a few seconds and move out along the right hand side. Once they were half way, she would throw two the grenades she had, and they would then all attack. Nods came back and she made them ready. Counting down using her fingers as the signal, she moved out and round the junction. Very quietly she and her two squad members made their way along the corridor, every now and again using the recesses of the doorways. The other squad members counted down and they themselves moved out and made their way forward. Karadis kept an eye on the pirates, but they seemed pre-occupied with getting the door to the computer room open. Karadis and her team got to the half way point and she leant down and took the two grenades from the top of her boot. Looking over, she saw that the other two Security squad team members were just about with them and she began to make the grenades ready.

It had all gone smoothly till that point, but then one of the pirates looked up the corridor and saw them. "Cover!!!" he called and brought his weapon up and began firing. The pirates spread out and began shooting as well, but thankfully where Karadis and her team were was the curve of the wall and there were doorways they could use. Karadis determined that she could make it about five feet forward to throw her grenades and signalled as much to the team on the opposite wall. They were to lay down fire as she did so, and the two with Karadis would do the same. Again, she counted down on her fingers, yelled "Now!" and moved out.

Phaser fire battered off the corridor walls around her as she ran forward. The grenades in her hands were already primed and she threw them one after the other. Grabbing her phaser she continued running to the next doorway. The two explosions signalled the Security squad to move forward and they fired at the pirates with deadly accuracy, downing three of the right away and another wrestled to the ground and incapacitated. Karadis moved forward herself and got the pirate who was at the door key pad. As she attempted to pull him back, he rounded and a flash of steel glinted as she felt a sting in her arm.

"OWWWWW...WHAT THE FU...!!!!" but couldn't finish as the pirate moved towards her. Realising he'd cut her arm with knife, she brought up her phaser to shoot him but he kicked it out her hand. Grabbing her by the throat he began to choke her. Feeling her windpipe being crushed she brought her hands down underneath his and forced them up in an attempt to break his hold. It worked and she rocked backwards, coughing and catching her breath. By this point her phaser was on the ground and well out of reach. The pirate brought the knife he was holding to bare on her and began circling slowly. Kardis kept him in front of her and circled as he did, keeping the same pace. He lunged forward and threw his arm with the knife towards her but Karadis dodged him. Wiping her arm, she felt the blood from the cut ooze down her arm.

"I'm going to enjoy this" she said.

"Not as much as me" the pirate retorted.

Karadis fake lunged left, then darted right as she watched the pirate fall for the wrong move. Dropping down, she round kicked and her foot connected with the pirates feet and up he went. As he hit the deck Karadis lunged and was on top of him. Grabbing both side of his head she violently wrenched his head to the side. There was a sickening crack and the pirates eyes widened and his breath left him slowly. Karadis put her face in his and said "That's right you bastard, you're dead" and taking the knife out his hand she sat back and plunged the knife into his heart.

Looking round, she saw that the Security squad were now with her "Secure the core."

The Ensign looked at her and replied "Aye."

[Lise's lab]

Lise was interrupted when a group of rogues entered her lab. Surprising her. She turned around to face them. "Doctor Granger?"

"You have me at a disadvantage." Lise mentioned.

"Introductions are not needed." They pointed their weapons at her. "Give us your data on the Harvesters you found." Lise raised an eyebrow. "And how pray tell would you know about the harvesters?" The lead pirate slapped her. "Don't play dumb with us!!! Give us your data on the harvesters!! Now... or we'll take it by force. Come to think of you. You might be more valuable than the Harvesters."

"I don't know Koras... We're being paid to get the harvester data, not kidnap Starfleet Officers. Stealing from starfleet is one thing, but kidnapping Starfleet Officers... They'll chase us clear to the Gamma Quadrant." One of the thugs stated. "Yes, they will Koras... Especially my Captain." Lise smirked and she got another slap. "Shut up.. All of you. I'm in charge here."

"You certainly don't look like it Koras. What kind of leader lets his subordinates question your orders? Hmm?" Lise noted. "Some pirate leader you are."

"Shut up!! SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!! I'll show everyone who's in charge!!! I'll show you I'm not to be messed with. First Kalls. I'll deal with you." The moment he moved his weapon off Lise was when Lise made her move. She grabbed the pirate by his neck and used him as a shied and forced him to shoot his own companions. Lise then had to struggle with Koras. Both of them struggling for the disruptor in his hand. More shots were fired at random places as the struggle progressed. One hit a nearby console and blew it out. She forced his hand towards the console and he lost his disruptor. He elbowed Lise and pushed her away from him. Trying to retrieve his weapon.




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