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Sunny Days

Posted on Sun Dec 12, 2021 @ 5:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Sunita Conlon & Lieutenant Commander Dr. Elisabet Intarrah Ph.D MD

Mission: Episode 5a: Pre-Discovery
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: MD -01
834 words - 1.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Elisabet was having a wonderful day. They survived the Borg without becoming Drones, and they were getting a new Executive Officer. Which she was grateful it wasn't her. Yes, Ajani needed to be focused, and she would distract her too much. After hopping and skipping to the XO's office. Which was none other than Intarrah's influence. She pushed a door-chime.

Sunny was sitting stuffily at her desk, trying to read through crew dossiers in one hand and tugging at her collar with the other, when the door chimed. She stood up and was thankful the position let her breathe better. She briefly looked at her reflection in a panel, still adjusting to the new color of her uniform, and tugged the top into a better place. She tried to decide on the right position to welcome someone into the office, shifting between sitting on the desk, which made the collar dig into her throat, and standing, which made her look like it was someone else's office.

By the time she realized whoever had rung the chime had been waiting an unusual amount of time for an answer, she coughed out, "Um, come in," and awkwardly settled into a sort of lean against the desk.

"Hey there!! How's life settling into the XO position?" Lise walked in and sat on the desk, "I am Lieutenant Commander Elisabet Intarrah. Science is what I do," she grinned.

"Sunita Conlon, Sunny for short. Most of what I do now is paperwork," she leaned back and motioned at the pile of padds on the desk. She straightened up and tugged at her collar, "And I guess to answer your question: still settling. I'm going to have to get used to this collar again. Don't tell anyone." she pulled the zipper down to her usual comfort level at her collarbone, "I think you're still in the unread pile. Anything I should be worried about?"

"Not to worry, Sunshine. I do it too. And paperwork huh?" She then whispered. "You know that's what they don't tell you about aiming for the top. You end up at the bottom doing paperwork."

"Sunny is fine. It's not like I didn't have a lot of paperwork at my last post, it was just usually about projects. Right now this is all just administrative. I might go old school and do flash cards. Name, rank, position, whether they might have taken my class at the academy," she paused and looked as Lise, " didn't take any of my classes at the academy, right?"

Lise smiled mischievously. "Sounds like there's a story there. And now I kinda wish I had so I could know it. And I do love stories. You're interesting, Sunshine."

Sunny smirked, "Oh, not really a story, just a minor heart-attack thinking maybe I had forgotten previously meeting you or something. I'm not great with names. Usually pretty good with faces. One of the blessings of a hierarchy, you can always default to someone's rank if you can't remember their name. Interesting in a 'Let's get drinks' kind of way, or interesting in a 'Let me get my note padd' kind of way?"

"I like you Sunshine... You're interesting.. Just like our Captain. We have to go shopping with each other while on leave. Four hundred years old, and you know the good things in life." Lise winked. "I'll try to show Ajani them too. Fine wine and chocolate is never meant to be horded."

Sunny blushed at the wink, "Um, you don't look 400, so... good job?" She filed away some additional things she should bring up in her next communique with Zoe and Regulus. "I won't take much convincing, I've learned to like good things: good food, good drink, and a good swim."

"I carry a trill symbiont. My unique mental state has allowed me to join and blend with a Symbiont's thoughts." Lise noted. "I think you and I are going to be great friends." She chuckled. "You can call me anything you want. Even 'old girl.'"

"So parts of you are newer than others. I'm sure that will be in your file, when I find it. I bet it's a story. Always glad for someone to count on. Anyway, was there something I could help you with? Or were you just dropping in to say 'hi'?"

"I think we're going to be great friends you and I." Lise noted. "I might even drag you on the same shopping trips I drag Ajani on." She chuckled.

"Sounds like a plan, old girl," Sunny chuckled, "You're welcome to join me for a holodeck swim as well. But for now I should probably get back to the pile. So I don't make the mistake of calling people Lieutenant Dancer and Lieutenant Kanar out loud.

"Let me know what you come up with for Ajani. Anyway, back to the wonderful world of Science." Lise mentioned.

As the science officer left, Sunny sighed and forced herself to dive back into the pile of files.


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