Departure and Explanation

Posted on Sun Feb 21, 2021 @ 10:57pm by Lieutenant Narisa

Good Evening all,

Yes, I am leaving. As most of you know I run my own game in Obsidian Fleet and it is very successful, thus takes a lot of time and effort on my part. I joined this game as a favour to the Captain and hoped to get it going. Now that it has, and there are a few issues I have, the Captain is aware of these concerns, I feel it is time to leave.

I am afraid that due to time constraints I have been unable to finish the 2 outstanding JOINT POSTS I have.
I apologise to those writers. With Real Life and The Elysium, I am unable to maintain posting constraints on other games.

Narisa can die for all i care as well. Kill her off. Transfer her. Does not matter.

Bye all


Jill AKA Narisa


Category: General News


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