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Master Chief Petty Officer Symmons

Name Symmons

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Saurian
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Like most Saurians Symmons is very tall standing at 6'2. He has mottled blue and grey skin that is scaly and dry to the touch. He has large black eyes that shine in the light. He has long and lithe limbs and walks with an air of grace. He has swift and defined movements like a lizzard and talks with a lot of exaggerated gestures to make his point. His laid back demeanour can be seen in body language which is often open and friendly. He practically lives in his uniform and is seldom seen in any casual clothing.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Symmons is a jovial and laid back person but he does have one pet peeve! Nothing annoys him more than when people pronounce his name wrong which is why he goes by a Federation standard version of his name. He enjoys 'Dad jokes' and practical jokes and enjoys a sense of levity and companionship with those he works with.

His size and bulk has makes him a little accident prone as he doesn't always fit in the small mammal designed spaces of Federation vessels.

This being said he is very skilled at his work and has an in-depth and innate ability with most forms of Federation technology. He is also a quick study of alien technology and enjoys nothing more than tinkering with alien gadgets and gizmos and figuring out what they do.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Has a large and impressive visual spectrum.
+A near encyclopedic knowledge of Federation technology
+Physical strength on parr with a Klingon
-Will quickly become unwell in cold environments
-Accident prone and injury prone
-Can not always access all areas of a ship
-While practically very clever he struggle with text book academia
Ambitions To earn a Starfleet commission and enter into the command division is Symmons chief ambition like his grandfather and father before him. But he realises he has a long way to go.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys mud baths and generally relaxing in most of his down time but he has discovered that he is a skilled basketball power forward and his enhanced hand eye co-ordination makes him an exceptional darts player.

Personal History Symmons was born in 2346 shortly after the Khitomer massacre occurred. He was the last of his egg clutch to hatch in the birthing caves on the Saurian Homeworld.

Shortly after his birth he was claimed by his mother and father to live with them onboard his fathers Starship the USS Sarek. He grew up with the expectation that he would follow in his fathers foot steps and become a Starfleet Officer, but it quickly became apparent that he was clumsy and not academically gifted.

As Symmons grew he did try his best to follow in his fathers footsteps and spent a lot of his free time in engineering learning about Federation technology. While he still struggled academically he was exceptionally good with claws and showed promise as an engineer.

When he came of age he took the Starfleet Academy entrance exam not just once but three times! Each time he was rejected. While excelling in physical and practical tests he failed the written element each time. Frustrated and disappointed he was not living up to his fathers expectations he made the decision to enlist.

Symmons began basic training in 2364 and was stationed aboard the USS Wellington. Due to his fathers reputation he was given a hard time by both his superiors and colleagues. But after two years of hard graft, tantrums and wanting to quit he finally won them over. Not only did Symmons prove to be a capable mechanic but he learned the value of practical jokes and became a top notch prankster.

When it came time to re-enlist he was happily taken by the CoB on the wellington and found himself settling in as a 'warp systems specialist'.

In 2370 Symmons was put forward for a promotion. Something that made him nervous due to a written exam. But he scraped through and earned the rank of Petty Officer. This marked Symmons first steps on a long ladder to a commission.

Leadership seemed to come naturally to Symmons and his team enjoyed working for him. In 2373 he was reassigned to the USS Farragut as a diagnostic engineer. The Farragut was ordered to search the badlands for the missing USS Voyager.

When the ship was struck by the plasma storms it was soon in mortal danger. Symmons and his team worked hard with damage control efforts all while battling the deadly cold caused by failing life support systems.

Eventually the Farragut was rescued, although Symmons needed extensive medical care and rehabilitation after spending hours working with little to no heat.

During the Dominion war Symmons was asked to exchange his hypo-spanner for a phaser and was assigned as a tactical officer. While he was reasonably skilled at the job he longed to be back in the glow of a warp core.

As a tactical officer he saw first hand the devistation caused by the Dominion. He saw heavy combat and was twice honoured with promotions he had finally made Petty Officer First Class by the end of the war. But his rise through the ranks came at a heavy cost, During the battle for Cardassia he was sent down to the planet as part of Federation ground forces. It left mental scars as he was forced to kill for the first time and he saw the mass slaughter and atrocities caused by the Dominion.

Following the war Symmons was happy to accept a posting on the California class USS Saltzburg as an Engineering Officer. The ship was responsible for providing assistance to Cardassian worlds ravaged by the Dominion and help with rebuilding efforts in the Federation occupied zones.

By the end of his time on the Saltzburg Symmons was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and his fear of academia was largely cured.

With Symmons promotion he was re-assigned as a transporter chief aboard a brand new Luna class starship. Assigned to the Gamma quadrant as part of renewed exploration efforts.

After returning from a five year mission in the Gamma quadrant Symmons was nominated for promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer and was sent to Starfleet Academy for advanced leadership training.

As a Senior Chief Symmons was becoming a well respected member of the engineering community and spent much of the next ten years working as a senior specialist aboard many different starships. He was usually sent to ships with a junior engineering team as a trouble shooter. Tasked with training the crewmen and bringing them up to speed on current standards and teaching them a few old tricks and field repairs he picked up along the way.

In 2392 Symmons was pushed one step closer to earning a commission as he was recommended for promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer. He once again returned to HQ to take further courses and sit his exams. The pressure of the assignment was clear as it took two attempts for him to pass and qualify for promotion. Although he was eventually qualified he was still waiting for an opening and was asked to teach at Starfleet academy until a Master Chief Position became available.

In 2396 Symmons dream of reaching a command level was partially realised as he was accepted for Chief of the Boat and Chief Engineer on the USS Eagle.
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