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Lieutenant JG Remmy Halstein

Name Remmy Joe Halstein

Position Tactical Officer

Second Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 90Kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Remmy is tall and well built. Not Body builder built but he does have broad shoulders and he does work out. He has his hair styled in the way of his ancestors, this is to say shaved head on either time and the back with should length braided hair down the center. He also has a short full beard. Remmy does have countless tiny scars from his daily life but none of them had come close to being life threatening and he hardly notices or remembers where they came from now.


Father Victor Halstein, Woodsmen
Mother Kelly Halstein, Woodsmen
Other Family While Remmy is an only child his parents were not so he has a lot of 'other' family, some of them live nearby while many others live on starships and colonies throughout the Federation.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Remmy has spent all his life living and working the family business in Scandinavia. His parents are both woodsmen working to maintain a large forest. He didn't grow up without peers and in his 14th years he started to attend the Starfleet Academy Preparation school in his district. His time at the academy has honed a number of traits. He was a bright, outgoing extrovert who, while took his education serious he was known to be the joker of his year and often took any problems in his stride; but an incident in his 3rd year saw him lose much of this about him.

In short, he was on assignment aboard the Runabout Bright Hope with a small squad of cadets who had been sent to test their skills by scanning a number of freighters, it was busy work but they discovered something that shouldn't have been there and were fired upon. Remmy was at Tactical and had been telling a joke the moment the craft was struck. He had raised the shield and blocked most of the shot but not before a fellow cadet was injured. They were all cleared but Remmy took it hard.

He is fit for duty, and will become a great officer... He just hasn't outgoing nature he once had.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Works hard to protect those in his care.
+ Has extra cones in his eyes allowing him to see more of the light spectrum.
+ Gained a 1st in his Criminology/Tactical Systems double major.

- Can present a cold personality.
- Has a minor case of PTSD.
- Gets headaches from seeing more of the light spectrum.
Ambitions As far as anyone knows it is his desire become the security Chief of a large and busy space station where he can apply the skills he has learnt in helping others.

However, he also wishes create a system that would raise shields before anything can strike the ship. There are systems already but they are flawed, he needs to do better.
Hobbies & Interests Remmy relaxes by carving wood. Everything from small keepsakes to 2 meter statues. He has his own tools that (with his dads help) forged in his 14th birthday. He understands that just cutting down a tree for his hobby isn't practical and has a replicator program that can recreate a 'real' tree wherever he is.

He also enjoys reading, he will spend hours with a good book, it helps him to distract himself and give himself time to process the days events.

Remmy does weight lift, not to an extreme but he does it, what he really enjoys though is running. He did a few laps of the track at the academy each morning for before breakfast. It is a hobby he has brought with him to starships, only he runs the corridors while on ship duty.

Personal History 2374 - Remmy Was Born in 2374 to Victor and Kelly Halstein in Scandinavia during a harsh winter. If not for the transporter he would have been born at home in front of a wood fire. The doctors quickly noted the slight mutation in their son known as Pentachromacy. Meaning he would be able to see ultra-violet and infer-red. They also noted that he was likely to experience headaches as his brain wasn't designed to fully process that kind of input.

2384 - He was 10 years old when his dad frist took him along into the forest to learn the ropes. His dad was a woodsmen, meaning that he maintained the forest and biome. It was an important job and Remmy enjoyed learning not only his dads job but also all the skills that come from working in the woods. He wound continue to learn from his parents until he left for the academy.

2388 - In his 14th birthday Remmy's dad helped him create his own wood working and forest maintenance tools at the family forge. They were forged using the 'old ways' but with a modern forge. It was an experience which will forever stay with him.

2392 - Remmy was accepted into the academy, he had thought his parents would be disappointed that he didn't follow them into the forest; however he was surprised to learn that they had both been in starfleet years before he was born. They had hoped he would enter the fleet, 'do his time' and maybe he would return home.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - 18-22
Tactical/Security Track
Freshmen Cadet - Senior Cadet

U.S.S. Tesla - 22
Tactical/Security Officer

U.S.S. Eagle - 22
Tactical Officer